Brooklyn Music School Now Offering Music Therapy Programs For Kids and Adults

Kids and adults can now participate in any of the four new music therapy programs that just launched at Brooklyn Music School, including MusiKids for children ages 5-7. Classes for the fall trimester began on September 30 and each session ranges from 45 minutes to an hour. All services are provided by board-certified music therapists or the resident licensed creative art therapist.

MusiKids classes are designed to target development and cognitive skills while focusing on socialization and cooperation. Classes are held from 3pm-4pm on Sundays and there is a $22 fee per class. 

Since its founding in 1909, Brooklyn Music School has strived to provide those in and around the Fort Greene community with high quality and accessible performing arts education. This non-profit organization offers private and group music classes that encompass a wide musical repertory, including European, African, Middle Eastern, and American music, as well as dance classes in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and hip hop. BMS also offers early childhood music programs, musical theater, and opera classes, and outreach programs at over 24 schools and senior centers throughout New York. All are welcome at BMS regardless of age, income, or past musical experience.

Though the programs themselves are new, BMS has a deep-rooted tradition of music therapy spanning back to World War I, during which instructors used music to help soldiers after they returned home from war. 

Music Therapy at BMS provides an opportunity to commune together in music, connecting with others and to ourselves in the process of ‘musiking.’ With the guidance of board-certified music therapists, BMS music therapy groups allow the release of emotions, physical expression, and personal growth to take place in an atmosphere of support and safety, while fostering the strengths and insights in our clients,” says Piruz Partow, executive director of Brooklyn Music School. “BMS music therapy groups range from song writing, drumming, free improvisation, to meditation. BMS music therapists provide services for a wide range of ages, cultural backgrounds, and physical abilities and are highly trained in areas of psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation, and early childhood development.”

In addition to private music therapy sessions available by appointment, BMS offers programs for people of all ages: Golden Calm for seniors ages 60 and up, Music and Mindfulness for adults ages 18 and up, and MusiKids. 

Brooklyn Music School is located in 126 St Felix St, Brooklyn, NY. For more information, visit the Brooklyn Music School’s website or call 718-638-5660.

Image courtesy Brooklyn Music School