Brooklyn Heights Psychologist Offering Free Support Group for Parents of Children With Social Difficulties

A free support group for parents of young children with social communication difficulties, ADHD, and Aspergers is being held in Brooklyn Heights by Steven Goldman, Psy.D. Dr. Goldman  is both  a licensed psychologist  and the parent of  a child with a social communication disorder.  He has more than 20 years experience working in both schools and hospitals conducting individual and group therapy, as well as administering neuropsychological and psychological evaluations. 

He has also worked as an ice cream man and a dishwasher, and does not believe in any kind of  elitist or authoritarian group leader philosophy. During Dr. Goldman’s years teaching psychology  at various universities  he has always emphasized compassion and mindfulness as therapeutic techniques.

These techniques, and those other parents will offer, may be useful in helping you manage your stress  and find solutions as you and your child navigate through  problems related to relationships, the school system, and the pitfalls of online video games.

The best  therapeutic help for a young child comes from  an effective, happy, compassionate parent who knows other effective  parents. The group is free, but a small donation is encouraged to cover the high cost of the  meeting room, across the street from Brooklyn borough hall, a beautiful Brooklyn Heights place for interesting  parents.  Limited space/Call 646-660-5479

Parent Support Group for Young Children with Asperger’s, ADHD, and Social Communication Disorders
26 Court Street, Suite 709
[email protected]