Bronx Parenting: Why We LOVE It Here

Why do you love being a parent in Manhattan? See how our readers answered that question!

We at NYMetroParents and Big Apple Parent asked readers to tell us, in words and photos, why they love being a parent in their particular hometown. Below are the answers we received, sorted by location.

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I love being a parent in my hometown of NY because there is so much stuff to do for my children and us a family that we don’t have to travel far to have fun on weekends.

I love my hometown because there are many places to visit, although it’s the Bronx.


Coop City

I love exploring the Bronx with my daughter. There is a lot to see here. She [is] 6 years old and loves exploring the outdoors. We love nature and science!!


East Tremont

I love being a parent in my hometown because there is always so much to do and easily accessible thanks to public transportation!



I love being a parent in NYC because it’s such a vibrant and diverse place where no two places are alike. Having my daughter see and explore different cultures. 


I love being a parent in NYC because it’s a very vibrant place with lots of museums, parks, zoos, and family fun places to explore with my daughter. Every weekend it’s a moment to escape to a different place.



There is never a dull moment. There is so much to do and see no matter what your budget is!! 

There is just so much to do with the little ones. One day you can be jet setting inside the Empire State Building and the next day off on an African Safari in the Bronx Zoo.



NYC is full of diversity and there is always tons of fun and educational things to do.


Morris Heights

Morris Heights, Bronx, NYC
I love being a parent in NYC because there are so many things to do, the diversity, and my city is beautiful!

I love being a parent in NYC! The diversity, so many activities to choose from, and your kids can never be bored! I try my best to take my boys to everything, whether it’s free or I have to pay! I love being a parent in NYC, it’s a wonderful place to raise your kids!

I love my hometown of the Da Bronx because it has flavor. These are some many great ethnic restaurants just steps away from home. The Bronx is where I live, love, and teach.


Morris Park

Morris Park, Bronx, NYC

Our area is close to all. We take the girls to try all new places. There are constantly new things popping up for us to try. From the new mall a short distance away to places to eat. Our hometown has it all!



I love being a parent in my hometown because I can get where I have to go without getting lost with my children.


North Riverdale

There’s so much undercover greatness in the Bronx like the Bronx Zoo, Botanical Gardens, City Island and great Italian food on Arthur Ave!



Kids at the Bronx Zoo, NYC
I love Riverdale for being kind of city, kind of suburb, with lots of green and an involved, welcoming community

I love being a parent in my hometown because of the diverse culture my son and I get to experience. We have a vast amount of parks where the children and parents engage with one another. My borough to me is awesome and my son enjoys himself every time we are out in the community.



Is a quiet area, peaceful place, is a clean environment, trees, plants that helps us breathe a natural air.


Throgs Neck

Girl in Throgs Neck section of the Bronx, NYC

I have more awareness of programs for children with disabilities. And many times I can help others. 

I love my hometown, love views from the windows of my house, the ground which is full with children’ laughs, love the peace of the simple life here, love houses on the back of mountains, love friendly people, too. I love everything that belongs my hometown where I was born and have grown.



Museum of the American Indian

I love to be a parent in NYC because it’s so much to learn about different cultures, beautiful open places, and free activities to enjoy with your children so they have a open mind of what is the world.


West Farms

I love the interesting and important places i can visit and take my children to learn and increase their knowledge.



Because we have everything just around the corner :) 

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