Brittany Snow Partners With vitafusion & The Fruit Tree Project

Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow is known for her many roles on the big screen: She’s hit unreachable octaves in “Pitch Perfect,” thrown it back to the ’60s in “Hairspray,” and is starring in a new Netflix film, “Someone Great,” produced by Gina Rodriguez. While all of these endeavors keep this Hollywood star rather busy, Snow took time this week to be part of the Fruit Tree Project with vitafusion.

The Fruit Tree Project is a joint initiative with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation that’s committed to planting fruit trees in under-served communities around the country that have been affected by natural disasters, like Houston, Miami, and Los Angeles. The brand just unveiled their new goal of planting 200,000 new fruit trees by 2020, and Snow was on site in Snug Harbor to kick off this admirable initiative with a ceremonial tree planting. She sees this as an opportunity to evoke change in these communities and be a source to sustain life, rebuild communities, and leave a legacy for generations to come.

“Last year when hurricane Irma hit, I sent out an Instagram saying I really hope my friends and family are doing well, And I felt disingenuous that I wasn’t taking action, and instead sending thoughts and prayers,” Snow says. “I wanted to find an initiative that not only gave back to the community, but was about something that I really believe in, which is sustainable nutrition, specifically this year as I’ve geared towards plant-based nutrition.”

Snow’s decision to live a plant-based life is not only rooted in the nutritional benefits. “It really does make me more in touch with the environment, and bringing a positive change to the world,” Snow adds. “I love being part of something that doesn’t instill fear in anything, especially animals.” These decisions to live a plant-based life along with joining the Fruit Tree Project are very much aligned.

“This has really been a combination of all these elements, and also making sure that when these trees get planted and communities are coming together, it is instilling hope, and people feel like they can get back on their feet, which is really important,” Snow notes.

After this initial kick-off planting, the vitafusion brand will continue their efforts and bring orchards to Houston, Miami, Los Angles, and San Francisco!

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