British International School Provides a European-Style Education in Manhattan

Despite its name, the British International School of New York is not just for Brits. Approximately one-third of the student body is from England, another third is American, and the rest come from more than 45 different countries. What unites this diverse group of nearly 275 students in Kindergarten to 12th grades, however, is their excitement for intellectual rigor.

“I think the heart of the school is fostering that love of learning and the decision to become passionate about what they’re studying,” says Head Master Jason Morrow.

BIS-NY’s academic program—a unique combination of the English National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate—is a good fit for ambitious students like sophomore Katharine Marsh-Nelson, who has been at the school since she was 4 years old. “Katharine is a great role model, and example of students here,” says Morrow, who teaches Katharine history, because of her “desire to understand and really investigate topics and issues. We can reach a greater depth of discussion than is typically the case at this stage of education.”

Katharine is currently taking her International General Certificate of Secondary Education exams and recently sat her Advanced Mathematics exam one year early. She is an avid swimmer, tennis player, and is a flutist in the Woodwind Ensemble. This summer, she will attend the Cambridge University Immerse to take classes in medicine.

While her hard work has clearly paid off, Katharine attributes her personal success to the intimate and supportive climate at BIS-NY. “I feel like I’ve had a chance to let my personality blossom, and I’ve become more confident,” she says. “The teachers have always encouraged me to raise your hand even if you don’t quite know the answer. Just give it a shot, give it a try.”


Main image: Katharine Marsh-Nelson in class at The British International School of New York. Courtesy Joshua Bright.