The 7 Best Travel Apps and Sites Every Parent Needs

Now that states and countries are opening up, people feel more comfortable with the thought of traveling. And who can blame them? After being quarantined and hibernating for the better part of a year and a half, families want to get back to a sense of normalcy, especially for the sake of their children. Traveling fits right into the bucket of “normal” this summer. 

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Best Travel Planning Apps for Families

Planning a trip can be a very tedious process. It was hard enough before, but now with the added layer of guidelines and restrictions due to COVID, nearly every step needs to be thought out. Thankfully, there are a slew of website and app solutions that can help guide you. 

Here are our faves!

Una Travel: Vacation Planner

Available on: Apple and Google Play
Cost: FREE

Una is an experiential travel app that simplifies the planning process with a curated selection of places to stay, where to eat, and things to do—all based on the family dynamic. Think of it like a digital travel agent that knows you best. With Una, you can save time and hassle. The app provides suggestions based on your likes, budget, dream destinations, and more. 


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Available on: Apple 
Cost: FREE

This app will help you remember your adventures for many years to come. The digital scrapbook helps document your family trip and works to organize photos and save the trip itinerary as a keepsake reminder. (No need to scroll through thousands of photos to find the vacation shots from 3 years ago anymore!) Bonus: You can easily share with family and friends. 

ItsEasy Passport Renew & Photo

Available on: Apple and Google Play
Cost: FREE

The ItsEasy app lets you renew your passport (photos and all!) right from the comfort of your own home. Since passport renewals can be a pretty tedious and lengthy process, let this app do all the work for you, sooner rather than later. Now if only there was such an app for the DMV…

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of lugging your suitcases with you on your journey, consider checking out LugLess. This luggage shipping service lets you ship your bags in advance of a trip and ends up costing about the same as checking a bag or even less. The biggest benefit is bypassing baggage claim and check-in lines altogether, which is especially great when you’re traveling with kids.


Available on: Apple and Google Play
Cost: FREE

The Gowhee app was made for parents, by parents. It’s meant to provide information on unique places for parents to travel safely and with ease. Find and share kid-friendly locations and things to do no matter where you are in the world. The community of like-minded parents share authentic reviews about their experiences, offering you a peace of mind as you plan your own family’s trip.

With TripScout, you don’t have to stress about missing out on the best places your destination has to offer. Simply enter your trip details and the app creates a guidebook offering articles about where to stay and what to do. Save your favorite spots and boom, an itinerary is created for you.


Available on: Apple and Google Play
Cost: FREE

If you’re a nursing mom, traveling with an infant and planning feedings can be a daunting task. With the Mamava app, you can find all the best places to pump or nurse in peace wherever you go. With more than 5,000 private lactation spots around the country, the app also helps you find and unlock dedicated Mamava pods. 


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