Quotables: The Best Parenting Quotes

We’ve browsed the Internet, read the books, and checked our Twitter and Instagram feeds for the best quotes, tweets, and images from parents about raising kids.

Hustle v. Highlight Reel

“Blogging has a way of curating our life and trying to make things always look perfect and that’s just not reality. Some days I’m isolated from the world and my only window to what’s going on is my computer and some days I’m running around the city and sweating my ass off trying to get the stroller up and down those damn subway steps.”

—Allison Cooper, in a post entitled “Thoughts On Quieting My Mind,” on her blog projectmotherhoodnyc.com

Keep Up, Ma and Pa

smiling boy riding scooter

in an instagram

This pretty much sums up the past year… “Hey Mom and Dad, you guys still can’t keep up with me? Ha!” #jdpodolsky #cashmeoutsidehowboutdat

(Posted by Manhattan mom @callybabie, aka Caroline Wexler)

Tantrums Explained?

“Every tantrum is different, every kid is different, every situation unfolds differently. Sometimes you’re in a good mood and taking a leisurely walk in the park, sometimes you’re already frustrated and running late. Sometimes you’re at home, sometimes you’re in Target, sometimes you’re at a restaurant… Sometimes there’s an obvious reason for the tantrum (you denied the kid a toy, you took the iPad away, big brother ate a candy bar in front of little brother), and sometimes there is no reason at all.”

—Mike Julianelle, in a post entitled “Expert Tips for Parents Are Great (In Theory),” on his blog dadandburied.com

Scootin’ Dude

boy riding scooter

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I <3 Bay Ridge! #bayridge #bayridgebrooklyn #brooklynkids #atreegrowsinbrooklyn #brooklynliving #nycliving  #scooter #microscooter #afterschool #kindergartener

(Posted by @usjapanfam, aka Heather Tomoyasu, who blogs at usjapanfam.com)

Parenting Toddlers

“As Marlowe grew from a baby to a toddler, I thought a lot about structure and discipline.  About the dichotomy of allowing our children to be children, but also having behavioral expectations that they are aware of in order to create a structure that allows them to blossom and mature and learn.”

—Eva Amurri Martino, in a post entitled “Disciplining a Toddler,” on her blog happilyevaafter.com

Kings of the Rock

kids climbing rocks
in an instagram

My two champions!! Lately these two have been really pushing each other’s buttons. The arguments happen every hour on the hour, and it gets a bit out of hand. They have mastered it, and I honestly truly believe they do it out of enjoyment!? They are competing with each other a lot more—to be “better” or for everyone’s attention. It’s been tough, something really difficult to watch over & over through out the course of the day. But I also try and remind myself that this is normal sibling stuff, and they absolutely adore each other no matter how much they annoy each other #brothersforlife #bestfriends #momlife #momstruggles #motherofboys

(Posted by  @mommygorjess, aka Jessica Salazar, who blogs at www.mommygorjess.com)

Show Up Every Day

“I find myself getting depressed about the state of the world, wondering if I made a mistake bringing kids into it, wondering if anything I do even matters. But when the world feels like too much, I have to remind myself to focus on the way I can make a difference—especially because it’s been right in front of me all along, right here at home.”

—Chaunie Brusie, in a post entitled “What Can We Do When The World Is Falling Apart? We Can Keep Showing Up,” on mom.me

Commuter Kid

walking up stairs

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How city kids get to their recital. #DDF #ddfrecitals2017 #citykid #mta #subway #dance 

(Posted by @thebrooklynmom, aka Vanessa Muskopf, who blogs at thebrooklynmom.com)


“This was also about the point that they both started begging me to carry their treat bags. ‘I’ll carry your treat bags but that means I’m allowed to eat your candy,’ was my rule. That put a stop to the laziness real quick.”

—Illana Wiles, a NYC mom, in a post entitled “Halloween in NYC Gets Better Every Year” on her blog mommyshorts.com

Traveling Twins

kids sitting in subway station

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Morning commute. #nyckids #twins #bestfriends

(Posted by @toastncandy, aka Nancy Deane, HeyMamaCo editor and New York mom).

sara says stop tweet
City Sights

family looking at nyc skyline

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I can’t wait to see the world with these girls but for right now, our backyard is adventure enough. 

(Posted by @luckypennyblog, aka Ana Fritsch, a Brooklyn mom who blogs at luckypennyblog.com). 

A United Front

“I once asked a friend who has three young boys, ‘Are you and your wife closer now that you have kiddos?’ He simply said, ‘Of course! It’s us against them.’ Now that I’m a mom, I know what he meant. It’s true.”

—Olivia Jeanette, in a post entitled “How Our Marriage Has Changed Since Having a Baby,” on her blog oliviajeanette.com

Raising Readers

kids reading on the subway

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Summer reading is alive & well over here at #CampThirtymommy What are your little ones reading this summer? #AveryRoyce #LaylahJonelle

(Posted by @thirtymommy, aka Scherrie D., who blogs at thirtymommy.com)

Fantasy and Reality

“Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised that the girl who desperately wanted to live in a world of her own—but ultimately chose reality—would become the mother to a child who doesn’t see the difference between the two.”

—Kathy Radigan, in a post entitled “The Way My Special Daughter Told Me She Loves Me,” on her blog mydishwasherspossessed.com

City Streets

kids playing in hydrant fountain

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after our school’s meet and greet picnic for the new students #iloveny #nyckids #friends #nyc #nycsummer #summer #childhoodunplugged #thisisourclassroom #nycpublicschools

(Posted by @familyroadtraveled, aka Estée Pouleris, who blogs at familyroadtraveled.com)

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

“My son—he is exactly like me, we are kindred spirits and he drives me up the wall. We butt heads, we argue, we never see eye-to-eye which doesn’t make any sense because we are so damn alike. I guess you could say it literally does feel like we are two positive sides of a magnet trying to come to together yet repelling each other at the same time.”

—Katie Smith, in a post entitled “It’s Not Easy When Your Child is Just Like You,” on mom.me

Do It for the Thrills


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When your friends force you on a ride.. what the heck #yolo Thanks @Lunaparknyc for hosting us

(Posted by @mamidoesitall, aka Karen Angustia, who blogs at mamidoesitall.com)

Take Care of You

“Be easy on yourself postpartum. Ask for help. Call upon your village. Allow yourself to process all the feelings that come up. There is no rulebook. Practicing gratitude every day will help you keep things in perspective. My dear friend always says, “It’s like a hurricane in a teacup.” This phase feels like 1000 years when you are in it but I promise you it will pass. It gets easier.”

—Lindsey Bliss, in the “Honest Motherhood” series on theglow.com

Summer Days


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Saturdays. red heard emoji

(Posted by @kaityvelez, aka Kaity Velez, co-founder of wellroundedny.com)


Letting Go

“I was watching Finding Nemo with Marlowe the other day, and there was an exchange between Dory and Nemo’s father that I hadn’t ever paid close attention to before. Nemo’s father tells Dory, anxiously, “But I told him I’d never let anything happen to him!” Dory replies, “But then nothing would ever happen to him.” And there it is. Letting go is hard, but wishing for a full, vibrant, messy, beautiful life for both of my children is a lot louder than my fear. I can guarantee I will never stop trying to fight for that.”

—Eva Amurri Martino, in a post entitled “Parenting a Rainbow Baby,” on her blog HappilyEvaAfter.com

Growing Up is Hard to Do


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I love this photo. It was taken right after a very serious conversation where I explained that it’s time to stop eating her boogers…..at least in public #loosingbattle She’s really struggling with this mandate.

(Posted by @mochamommy_nyc, aka Nia Lawrence, who blogs at mochamommyinthecity.com)

No Mom Shaming

“You also never know how much a kind glance or a few words can mean to a mom. Several years ago, we were in a restaurant and desperate to subdue Max, who was wailing loudly. Finally, we distracted him with a video. I felt drained and sad. A mom at another table caught my eye. “You OK?” she mouthed. And that was exactly the comfort I needed.”

—Ellen Seidman, in a post entitled “Stop the Special Needs Mom Shaming,” on her blog LoveThatMax.com

Smiles All Around


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Nothing beats the big smiles of a few hours well spent in a playground.

(Posted by @dadarocks, aka Adam Cohen, who blogs at dadarocks.com)

No Car Karaoke

“There are times, be it a short drive to school or a longer weekend trip, when I just want to lose myself in a blast of ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica without three toneless back-up singers in the back seat fighting for the air-drumming rights. Yes, they know all the words. Even my 3 year old.”

—Lea Farrow, in a post entitled “7 Unexpected Things I Miss About Life Before Kids,” on her blog TheMethodMother.com

Fearless Girls

fearless girl wall street

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Fearless #internationalwomensday #fearlessgirl #fearless #wallstreet #womenofthefuture #bravegirl #forceisfemale #fearce #disneyjunior #disney #disneyjr #artmonte

(Posted by @a_a_almonte, aka Alexandra Almonte, a New York mom)

Planting Roots

“When we bought this house, we pictured ourselves staying here forever, but I guess that’s normal. Humans don’t put down roots while simultaneously planning to uproot them. Still, I have spent the last several weeks mourning the childhood I assumed would take place right here.”

—Rebecca Woolf, in a post entitled “And Keep Sailing,” on her blog GirlsGoneChild.net

Hunting for Fossils

dinosaur state park

55 degrees! Perfect weather to follow dinosaur tracks and learn about fossils at #DinosaurStatePark #dinosaurs #travelandlearn #nyckids #weekendplans #littletraveler #familytravel #hartford #connecticut

(Posted by @thelandoftwo, aka Aurora Aquino, a New York mom)

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I Wish That I Knew What I Know Now…

“That first baby learning curve is steep, and there is no way to relax when, for the first time ever, you are responsible for something as huge as a human life with the tiniest toes you’ve ever seen.”

—Jill Krause, in a post entitled “if i knew then what i know now,” on her blog babyrabies.com

I <3 NY


Rainy day women umbrella emoji (also anyone else obsessed with the #iPhone portrait mode?!)

(Posted by @augustabelle, aka Belle Augusta Savransky, an East Village mom and photographer whose website is belleaugusta.com)

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Working Mamas

“I know many moms have a hard time finding their footing in the career world after they have kids. I’ve already gotten over the fact that I’m not meant to be just a mom. It’s a beautiful life, it’s an unforgiving life and it’s not the life I want. I don’t feel sorry about it. Mama wants a career, kids. Sorry not sorry.

—Brittany Minor, in a post entitled “Where the Hell did My 5-Year Plan Go?!” on mom.me

Lil’ Miss


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She’ll be taking herself to school before I know it. taxi emoji #igotthismom
(Posted by @chanynck, aka Chanyn Cheree Kirtman, who blogs at styliststandpoint.com)

Finding Your Voice

“Words have always come easy to me. My parents told me I was speaking full sentences by the time I was 18 months old. At 2, I corrected my grandmother’s pronunciation of Santa Claus. Words came easy. My voice was another matter. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I found it.”

—Long Island mom Kathy Radigan, in a post entitled “It Took Becoming a Mom for Me to Find My Voice as a Woman,” on her blog mydishwasherspossessed.com.

Young Activist

girl holding protest sign

so proud of my marching buddy today, today was powerful, peaceful, united and filled with love! #womensmarch #womensmarchonwashington 

(Posted by @strollerinthecity, aka Brianne M., who blogs at strollerinthecity.com)

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Parenting Truths

“You’ll continually reach new levels of parenting. Like when I understood why my dad called my sister and me ‘you people.’”

—Jennifer S. White, in a post entitled “12 Hilarious Truths of Raising Kids,” on her blog jenniferswhite.com.

Keeping Up with the Kid

mom chasing girl

in an instagram

As my workload increases, so does my awareness. I know that when I get busier, things can fall through the cracks and I don’t want that to happen so I start taking extra steps to make sure it doesn’t…..Because there is definitely an art to balance….Chasing after this girl is no joke. 

(Posted by @momcrushmonday, aka Destiney L., who blogs at momcrushmonday.com)


“Be true to yourself, and don’t throw shade at other moms. Please, please let’s just throw away our Judgy McJudgerson Pants because, for starters, judgy pants were, like, so 1990s, and they never looked good on you anyway.” 

—Heather Sadlemire, in a post entitled “The Best Resolution I Ever Made Was To Quit Mom-Shaming,” on scarymommy.com 

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor

kid with statue of liberty

Max has had a fascination with #LadyLiberty ever since we visited #EllisIsland and requires a photo with her every time we see her now. Except the creepy guy in Times Square. I have to draw the line somewhere, but you have to love his patriotic passion!

(Posted by @missstephanieb, aka Stephanie B., who blogs at footballfoodandmotherhood.com)

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Weekend Escape

“Seeing and experiencing New York (outside of the city), is easy. Within an hour the city turns to dust in the distance and you are shown expansive lands, lakes to swim, towns with feasts, and mountains to hike. Experiencing this as a family….has been the greatest gift.” 

—Latonya Yvette, in a post entitled “Experience New York: Hike Up Bear Mountain,” on her blog, blog.latonyayvette.com.

Yay, MTA!

second avenue subway

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You guys, the new subway is almost here!!! Open house for the public today at 96th Street. #MyRide #2ndAveSubway #nyc

(Posted by @thenycjenny, aka Jenny, who blogs at nycjenny.com)

Realistic Expectations

“I was going to be a perfect stay-at-home mom and enjoy every single moment teaching and encouraging my children. Then, I actually had my own kids, three of them, and that is when I fell off my unicorn and tumbled straight back to reality.”

—Barrie Bismark, in a post entitled “I’m Not the Mom I Thought (and Hoped) I Would Be,” on The Huffington Post: Parents.

Gaining Courage

gothamlove ice-skating

Having the time of their life! Letting go is scary but they both did plenty of times. #iceskating indoor is definitely the way to go! @chelseapiersnyc @kamikofficial #stepoutside

(Posted by @gothamlove, aka Suzanne C., who blogs at gothamlove.com)


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They Grow Up Fast

“He won’t do these things forever. These (nearly) three years of waking up every night or changing what feels like millions of diapers, will feel like a short moment in time come 30 years from now. And it’s then that I’ll miss the moments of walking into his dark room with me squinting my eyes half asleep to pick him up out of his crib and have him lay his head on my shoulder and fall quietly back to sleep. Or the funny faces we make to each other as I lay him on the ground to keep him occupied while I’m changing his diaper.”

—Lauren Jimeson, in a post entitled “No Rush,” on her blog, SincerelyLauren.com.


Car Guy


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Cal. Several days ago. In front of a nova that’s he’s completely enamored with. It has been parked on our block since the dawn of time. The owner is a complete mystery, but it does move for alternate side.

(Posted by @megankellicraig, aka Megan C., who blogs at thebrooklyndoll.blogspot.com)


Confident Girls

“Their quirks are the things that are important to me. Not photos of them looking perfect. … When they were ready to go out that door, I was pretty sure that my heart might literally burst. My girls felt completely comfortable with themselves and completely beautiful. What better gift is there to give them?”

—Westchester mom Jennifer Garry, in a post entitled “School Picture Day Rebellion,” on her blog cuddlesandchaos.com

I Kin Haz Nap?

boy napping outside

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It’s so nice here, Mama! Can I take a nap? see no evil monkey emojis Tão gostoso deitar no chão sujo do parquinho, né?

(Posted by @blogmeandthecity, aka NYC mom Fernanda Seelos, who blogs at blogmeandthecity.com)

In It Together

“Every mother should know she is not alone in this. It is going to take some getting used to. Everyone struggles at first—everyone—even if they don’t admit it.” 

—Kate Bingham-Smith, in a post on scarymommy.com entitled “What Every Mother Should Know.”

Time Well Spent

girl in school

Writing workshop at school … I love every minute that I get to spend with my girls.

(Posted by @3citygirlsnyc, aka Nilsa K, who blogs at 3citygirlsnyc.wordpress.com)

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A World of Possibilities

“My daughter, a quintessential all-American girl, loves to sing, dance, and perform. She has indulged in ballet, gymnastics, drama, musical theater, piano lessons—and she’s only 6 years old. I tell her she can do anything she can imagine and I want to make sure she knows it and gets to try.”

—NYC mom Galina Nemirovsky in a post entitled “’Living Vicariously Through My Children’ Club” on her blog heartseverywhere.com

#StreetArt in #NYC


 in an instagram

Another day, another Instagram wall. Love spotting these colorful murals all over town. #nyc #streetart #instanyc #citystreets #instagramwall #underthesea #instaart #exploreyourcity #chelsea #mural

(Posted by @globetrottingmommy, aka Lyla Gleason, a Manhattan mom who blogs at globetrottingmommy.com)

You Got This

“Listen to your body, and especially to that little voice deep inside. I promise there are no guidebooks that will lead you into this journey of parenting feeling fully equipped, but if you listen to that voice you will always be led in the right direction for you.”

—Holly Schumacher in a post entitled “My Best Parenting Advice: Go Easy On Yourself “on the website scarymommy.com

Reaching New Heights


Raise your kids to reach new heights…Literally and figuratively.
#ApplePicking #Fall #Autumn #HoodieSeason #DamianJai #Dadlife #dedicateddads #idad #toddlerproblems #Citydads #LifeofDad

(Posted by @itzmvp, aka Mario Coronado, a dad in Valley Stream)

 in an instagram

Candy Cure-All

“When the big day finally arrived, Captain America was highly annoyed with the layers that his mama stuffed underneath his costume. Thankfully, the first trick or treat experience of the year seemed to cure the crank-factor. A single piece of candy tossed into a bag can work wonders!”

—NYC mom Monica Marino in a post entitled “Trick or Treat” on her blog marinobambinos.com

Kiddy-Cat Love

cuddles and chaos

halloween emojis

(Posted by @cuddlesandchaos, aka Jennifer Garry, a Westchester mom who blogs at cuddlesandchaos.com).

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Halloween Traditions

 “We’ve made it a tradition each year to visit a senior citizen home before we head out to trick-or-treat. The elderly folks get such a kick out of the kids’ costumes and they usually put on quite the production.”

—Brianne Manz,an NYC mom, in a post entitled “Halloween of ‘14” on her blog strollerinthecity.com

Stoop Life


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Growing up NYC >> The brownstones in our neighborhood go all out for Halloween and #lilStrange kept sneaking candy out of her pumpkin.

(Posted by @kristrange, aka Kris Strange, a NYC mom of two who blogs at mystrange.family)

You Are Living

“The days are hot, hot, hot; and the house is stale and messy. I am often reminded in its state something my neighbor said to me one afternoon, after I apologized for our home’s condition: ‘You are living. That’s what this is.”

—NYC mom Latonya Yvette in a post entitled “Motherhood Right Now” on her blog 

Let’s Go for a Ride

boy on carousel

He couldn’t wait to get on and he claimed the frog right away. His eyes were big and he kept throwing his head back and looking up at the lights, bopping his head to the carrousel music. Then as soon as he got off he asked if there was a roller coaster in the park he could ride next. #boys 

(Posted by Manhattan mom @lilliesandleon, aka Nicole Gonzalez, who blogs at lilliesandleon.com)

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Parenting Well

“It’s okay to be scared. If we aren’t terrified about some of the things we need to do as we learn how to be a parent, we aren’t parenting well enough.”

—Manhattan dad Pete Cataldo, who runs the website daddymindtricks.com, in a Huffington Post article entitled “5 Thoughts On The First Year Of Fatherhood

Summer Daze

girls fishing hempstead state park

in an instagram

Hidden gem in Long Island—Hempstead State Park for a lazy Sunday fishing adventure #blogger #photography

(Posted by @thatsbetsyv, a NYC mom who blogs at betsy-v.com)

Gaining Independence

“Obviously, the goal of parenting is to raise well rounded human beings that are able to go off into the world and make smart decisions and have a life of their own, but the idea of my sweet boy not needing me as much really struck a chord in me today.”

—Allison Cooper, in a post entitled “When Independence Takes Over,” on her blog 

That’s So Funny!

girls having lunch

Ladies who lunch! #thisis6 #bff

(Posted by NYC mom @naomi_sixdegreesofmom, aka Naomi Schoenkin, who runs the private playdate community Six Degrees of Mom)

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Voice of Reason


“There are a finite number of years when my voice will be louder than their friends, than magazines, than the rest of the world. So I hold tightly to this sliver of time. I take every opportunity I can to tell them that I think the world of them, that their bodies are perfect exactly the way they are, that they are beautiful and brilliant and creative and strong.”


—Sarah Sandifer, in a post entitled “Why I Completely Overvalue My Kids,” on the site scarymommy.com

Splish, Splash

boys playing in sprinklers

in an instagram

4+ hours. precisely what summer breaks are made of.
#boys #childhoodunplugged #endlesssummer #summersixteen 

(Posted by @mommydelicioius, aka Alicia Harper, who blogs at mommydelicious.com. The photo was taken at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6.)

Even Grown-Ups Want Their Parents Sometimes

“Now that I’m a mother I know what it means to put my kids first, but it takes a heavy toll sometimes. I miss having a mother of my own to put me first. I suppose it’s the circle of life, but it truly sucks.”

—NY Mom Erin Johnson, who blogs at thenodramamama.com


Boys to Men

“Puberty with boys is not so cut and dry. There is no starting point by which to measure their changes. Many times I found myself saying, ‘I don’t have one of those, I can’t help you.’”

—Banji Ganchrow in an essay on kveller.com entitled “Watching My Sons Go Through Puberty Was More Complicated Than I Thought


City Sisters

sisters in nyc

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dancer and hear emojis

(Posted by Brooklyn mom @lululuvsbklyn, aka Lulu Gonzalez.)


Saving Water, Saving the World

“Mediocre moms don’t shower every day. And guess what that means? We’re using less water. And that, my friend, is good for a little something we call Mother Earth.” 

—Karen Alpert, in a post entitled  “Ten Ways Mediocre Moms Are Changing The World!! (They Just Might Not Know It)” on her blog babysideburns.com.


If I fit, I sit


Trying to pack moving boxes with a toddler running around! #ToddlerShenanigans #QuinnRyan #ToddlerInTheCity

(Posted by @thirtymommy, aka Scherrie Donaldaon, who blogs at thirtymommy.com)

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Live Life to the Fullest

“He’s a perfect example of how we should treat life as an adventure and spend less time on the ordinary things in our daily life and more on the exhilarating.”

—NYC mom Lauren Jimeson, referring to her son Macks, in a post entitled “The Adventurous One,” on her blog amommyinthecity.com.


It’s All About the Accessories


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Kefir ??
Sunglasses ??
Her future so bright ??

(Posted by @feedingaudrey, aka Danielle Krupa, an NYC chef and mom of two who blogs at feedingaudrey.com)


More Manners, Please!

“Maybe we do something like this, all of us, every parent in America: ‘Hey kid. Don’t insult the way people eat, look, dress, or talk. Say ‘thank you’ when somebody gives you a gift.’ We could just start there and see what happens. Is that hard? It doesn’t seem hard.”

—Janelle Hanchett, in a post entitled “Can We All Agree to Teach Our Kids Some Freaking Manners?” on her blog renegademothering.com.



lindsay belle instagram

‘Mom, after lunch can you quickly teach me to fly?’

(Posted by Lindsey Belle, @lindseybelle, an Upper West Side mom and professional photographer whose website is lindseybelleblog.com)

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Contradictions of Parenthood

“I simultaneously want to birth a hundred more babies and get my husband’s tubes tied. I want to sing and dance with limitless energy and sleep for a hundred hours. I feel hungry and full. I want my son to be a man and I want to shove him back into my uterus. These polar opposite emotions can drive me crazy, but I’m slowly learning to embrace them and ride the waves.”

—Miriam Levine, in a post entitled “The Complexities of Raising a Person,” published on the blog modernmom.com.


Ribbit, Ribbit

nancy johnson horn instagram

in an instagram

Two Kermits are better than one. #muppets #fun #cute #love #insta #instagood #instagram #igers #igdaily

(Posted by @themamamaven, aka Nancy Johnson Horn, a NYC mom who blogs at themamamaven.com)


Leaning In

“I love it whenever we walk into Starbucks, and Branden has conversations with the barista about his mom being the boss. I hope that my ambitions have sparked a fire inside him to fuel his passions in life, but I also want him to understand how hard I work to achieve balance so that I can be his mom and also the boss.”

—NYC mom Allison Cooper, who blogs at projectmotherhoodnyc.com, in a post entitled “Why Millennial Moms Are Stressed The Eff Out


Snow Angel

katya libin

My little silly #snowwhite #brooklyn #bundled

(Shared by @katyaslife, aka Katya Libin, a Brooklyn mom and co-founder of
@heymamaco, a curated community for creative and entrepreneurial mothers)

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Occupation: Motherhood

“Currently, I am 5 years into this motherhood thing, 3.5 years into the suburban migration, and, if I were to be honest with myself, probably 1.5 years into complete and utter confusion about what the hell I want to be when I grow up.  Does this sound familiar to anyone else?” 

—NYC mom Jenn Falik, who blogs at blog.jennfalik.com, in a post entitled, “When That Thing You Thought You Wanted More Than Anything Is No Longer So Interesting”


Sibling ♥

cuddles and chaos

in an instagram

These two look all sweet and snuggly, but if you only knew how many fights I broke up today. 

(Shared by @cuddlesandchaos, aka Jen Garry, a Westchester mom who blogs at cuddlesandchaos.com)


It’s All Worth It

“When it was all over and I finally held my son in my arms for the first time, I felt like the most powerful person in the room. That moment made all those phases worth it. This little person who heard my heartbeat from inside was now laying in my arms. Feeling like a champion comes easily at the end of it all and the memory will stick with you for a lifetime, I know it will for me.”

—Brooklyn writer Samantha Greaves in a post entitled “The 5 Phases of Pregnancy New Moms Experience” 


Pass the ZzzQuil!

“Every parent gets one night a year to commemorate the night their kid finally slept through the night. It is a night of NyQuil-induced uninterrupted sleep for at least 10 hours.”

Stephanie Barnhart in a post entitled “The Holidays We Should REALLY Celebrate

The Pasta Ponderer

boy eating spaghetti
in an instagram

Such etiquette #kidfoodie #Italianboy #pastaface #boss #caveman #paulahankin
(Shared by @paulahankin, a mom and professional chef whose website is cluelessinthekitch.com)

Gender Equality

“My husband and I didn’t care that he wanted to dress up as his favorite character. After all, if we had a girl, we’d encourage her to follow her dreams, no matter how ‘un-girl-like;’ why wouldn’t we do the same for a boy?”

— NYC mom Jen Simon, in a post on Yahoo’s Parenting channel entitled “Why I Post Pictures of My Son Wearing Dresses on Facebook

Sister, Sister

well rounded ny

In the midst of all the chaos, there is this. ♥♥

(Shared by @jpals25, aka Jessica Pallay from @wellroundedny and wellroundedny.com)

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Having It All

We all know the torment that comes with trying and wanting to be the best at everything. Whether we admit it or not, nobody expected or expects being a working mom to be easy…. Knowing I can’t be ‘SuperMom’ doesn’t change the fact that I still want to be her.

Benita Staples, in a post entitled “Inspirational Quotes for Working Moms” on the website 

Wishes for Our Children

“There have been and there will be more times where you don’t get why I’m so hard on you to give your best and never to be satisfied with just your ok but I pray that when you are older you see my heart in the speeches and lessons. I wish for you to be everything you were sent into this crazy world to be. I wish for you to always find the one thing to smile about like you do now and cry and little less.”

— Brooklyn mom Candace Howe on her blog newyorkstateofmom.com

Round and Round We Go

estee pouleris

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Who knew riding a larva was so much fun #nycparks #nyckids #nyc #bronxzoo #carousel

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