Best Of The Web: May 9-15

Contributors: Meghan
Gearino and Elizabeth Raymond

Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
our interest. Enjoy! —

Lessons to be forgotten! Here are nine
dangerous things we are all taught in school
…best to forget if you want to
thrive outside of the classroom. (Forbes)

Does your kid love dinosaurs? This little one sees a
prehistoric T-Rex…and heads for the hills. His parents caught
it all on tape
. (Gawker)

The latest in bullying: One Indiana teen is facing possible
expulsion after his mother sends
him to school with a stun gun
in order to protect himself against bullies.

Hear Annie Urban’s reaction
to the New York Times’ article about
the debate between motherhood and feminism. Find out why she thinks the
discussion needs to be reframed. (Ph.D.
In Parenting

In light of their new movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting, see what stars like Cameron
Diaz and Jennifer Lopez have to say to Redbook
about motherhood.

Proof that kiddos really do bring us so much joy: Check out two
new studies
by the Population Association of America indicating that
parents are overall happier than non-parents. (USA Today)

Check out this round-up of
super-stylish maternity looks just in time for summer! (Refinery 29)

Post readers
weigh in on the excessively tan NJ mother
who allegedly brought her
daughter into a tanning both. (NY Post)

and Sweden top
the list. Japan
is last. Check out the 30
best countries in which to be a mom
! (The Huffington Post)

This first-grade boy was suspended from school for sexual
harassment after singing a song with the lyric, “I’m
sexy and I know it
.” Mom is outraged. But who is to blame? (CNN)

One more reason to make sure you’re on top of your game and
get help when you need it: Studies show that a parent’s depression can
have lasting effects on children
. (New
York Times

Beloved children’s author Maurice Sendak died this week at
the age of 83. Read this touching
and comprehensive look at the man
who viewed childhood through his own
unique lens. (Yahoo)