Best Of The Web: July 18-24

More than 4 million babies are born in the U.S. each year. And more than half of mothers remain in the workforce, leading to the widespread need for paid help. So can love be bought, if you want your child to be loved by his nanny? (New York Times)

One father’s hilarious formula for what it takes to get him off the couch in time to prevent his sons’ possible injuries. (Huffington Post)

If you’ve ever felt woefully inadequate after viewing other moms’ Pinterest boards, you’ll be reassured by this Type B mama’s happy birthday party results. (

A new study confirms that curtailing advertising aimed at children was effective in getting parents to stop spending at fast-food restaurants, and was also linked to lower obesity rates. Time to turn off the TV? (New York Times)

Judy Wallerstein, who shaped much of America’s attitude toward divorce and its effect on children, died last month. Her frequent collaborator reflects on Wallerstein’s impact. (

Help your kids prepare for a successful future, even if they’re still in diapers! Check out these six essential social skills that will give every child, and adult, added confidence and an advantage in reaching their goals. (Huffington Post)

Parents, next time you get your cholesterol checked, make sure to get your kids’ levels tested as well. Doctors warn that high cholesterol may also be evident in children. (Chicago Tribune)

Looking for a creative way to support America in the Olympics this summer? Get into the spirit of the Games by naming your newborn with one of these popular, Ancient Greek baby names! (Babble)

Breastfeeding is not only best for babies; it’s also best for moms.  New studies show that breastfeeding helps mothers lose weight after pregnancy, and keep the pounds off decades later. (MSNBC)