Best Of The Web: July 11-17

Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued our interest. Enjoy!

How old should children be before they can ride in the front seat of the car? Buckle up and get ready for the crazy ride of parenting—first stop, a discussion on the passenger seat. (Motherlode)

Whether grocery shopping with your youngsters or munching at your favorite lunch spot, be careful to avoid the eight germiest public places this summer!  (Chicago Tribune)

It’s no secret that kids rule the roost in American households. Here’s an intriguing article that considers why we spoil our children rotten more than any other country. (New Yorker)

How do you tell the difference between tantrums typical of the terrible two’s and ADHD behavior?  Look for these ten signs of ADHD in preschool-age children, recommended by Dr. Mark Mahone. (Psychology Today)

Make these summer swaps from fattening foods to healthy choices.  Feel good about feeding your family these scrumptious and low-cal treats! (Huffington Post)

An insightful but painful look at a mother coping with her daughter’s O.C.D. (New York Times)

One smart idea for how to respond to “I’m bored!” this summer. (

Who knew that phone calls home from your child at sleepaway camp might threaten your marriage! (