Best Of The Web: August 8-14

Mary Poppins may have been onto something with the whole “spoonful of sugar” deal, minus the medicine. Take a look at why experts are advising parents to steer clear of cough syrup and go straight to the pantry to soothe kids’ nighttime coughs. (Chicago Tribune)

We all know new parents tend to become sleep-deprived when a new baby is born, but what about during pregnancy? Here are some smart tips to help mothers-to-be fight insomnia so they can have sweet dreams with the baby bump. (Babble)

“School’s out for summer” may soon become, “school’s out for a couple of weeks,” as many institutions are choosing to extend the school year to optimize learning. Find out why more schools are downsizing downtime, and working through summer. (New York Times)

Feeling like a good pity party? Commiserate with this mom about having a horrible day. (Huffington Post)

Looking to shed those lingering post-pregnancy pounds? Who better to lend advice on the subject than an Olympian mother? Be sure to check out her training tips, here! (Huffington Post)

It’s time to get down and dirty! Read this mother’s confession on how her daughter’s favorite play-space is a germ emporium: McDonald’s Ball-pit. (

Teenage years may be even worse than the “terrible two”s, especially considering adolescents’ raging hormones. For parents raising teens, it may be wise to check out these tips on a sometimes awkward conversation: steering your children away from harmful porn sites. (New York Times)

Put a fresh, summer twist on your children’s favorite food: grilled cheese. Try these tasty and easy recipes for a new and yummy sandwich this August. (Lil Sugar)

We’ve all heard about postpartum depression, but what about the prenatal kind? One woman tells her story and makes a cry for help to bring attention to this very real issue. (Slate)

In China, the Olympics start at state-run facilities and kids are handpicked for medal-worthy glory. CBS gets a peek into the minds of tiny Olympic trainees. (CBS)

Magnets have a greater attraction for one woman than most. They are what saved her baby’s life when doctors performed an experimental surgery. (CNN)