Best DIY Baby Proofing Hacks for NYC Parents

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DIY Baby Proofing Hacks

All parents know that the older your child gets, the more they want to touch and play with everything they aren’t supposed to. Once your kids start knowing how to crawl and walk, baby proofing the house or apartment is essential. Yes there are baby proofing tools that you can buy, but that could end up costing you a lot of money. Why do that when you have various household items you can use! Think outside the box and try out some of these DIY baby proofing hacks to keep your kids safe.

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Cushion Sharp Edges

We all like to have nice dining and coffee tables around the house, but the edges of those tables can end up hurting your littles ones as they run around. One popular idea is to grab some foam pipe insulation and cut into it so it can fit around the sharp edges. If you don’t have pipe insulation, simply grab some old tennis balls you might have lying around but a slit into them and attach them on the corners of tables.

Put Bands on  Cabinet Doors

Little kids love to grab on to cabinet doors and open them up, which can be a problem if you are storing cleaning products or sharp objects in them. An easy solution can be found on many people’s wrists! Grab a few hair elastics or rubber bands and place them around the knobs of the cabinet doors. That way your cabinet door will stay secured when kids try to pull on them.

Make Your Own Baby Gate

Baby gates are essential to block off access to certain areas for kids, but buying them can get expensive. With a little creativity and some elbow grease, you can build your own gate that will cost you way less. For parents who want to build a gate that is both stylish and effective, check out this cute DIY Baby Gate!

Cover Power Outlets 

Make sure your kids aren’t trying to play with the power outlets by covering them up! You can take either duct tape or bandages (try to only use skin tone colored bandages since designed ones might draw kids in) and place them over the outlets. If your kids are still in diapers, you can also use the adhesive covers of baby wipes and tape those around the outlets.

Make Door Knob Protectors 

Kids love to try to open doors around the house. This problem can be solved by using some old Tupperware you have! Cut a whole on the lid of the container, slide it onto whatever door knob you would like and then attach the other part of the container to it. The door knob will be tucked away from kids, which gives you one less safety hazard to worry about.

Cover Power Strips

Tupperware is also a great household tool to use when it comes to covering electric cords. Every house tends to have a power strip that is connected to cords that can be dangerous for babies to get into. Place the power strip into a large Tupperware container. That way there is no risk of kids pulling on any loose electrical cord.

Secure Closet Doors

Keep your closet door securely closed by using items in them! Many people have extra clothes hangers lying around, which are also made for the perfect mask shift lock. Turn the hanger upside down and hook the sides of the two door knobs.

Make Hot Glue Socks 

Hardwood floors can be very slippery for kids who are learning how to walk. To prevent any scrapped arms or legs, grab a hot glue gun and make some non-slip socks. This is an effective way to keep kids from sliding, and it can be a fun craft for the family to make.