Bach to Rock Mamaroneck Launches Musical Theater Classes

Bach to Rock Mamaroneck now offers musical theater classes for children ages 7 and older. The music school in Westchester also offers electronic music production, private and group music lessons for all ages and levels, and hosts birthday parties.

“We get tons of students here, vocalists, who are just super-excited about mixing acting and music together, so we created a class for students to participate in and do that,” says Anne Weycker, site director.

Bach to Rock Mamaroneck offers music lessons for children ages 1 and older, including adults, on music genres including rock, classical, and pop. It offers group classes, such as rock band, glee club, and rock guitar 101. Weycker says kids get excited as the music school encourages and helps them get out into the neighborhood to perform at community events. Bach to Rock Mamaroneck also offers private classes for all ages and levels.

“It really doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’ve never played before, or if you’ve been playing for years, you can come in here and there’s definitely a program for you to be a part of,” Weycker says.

Bach to Rock Mamaroneck also teaches electronic music production and recording arts. Tours of the facility are welcomed, which includes a peek at the state-of-the-art recording studio on-site. The music school uses Pro Tools and Ableton Live. “It’s what a lot of professionals use,” Weycker says.

“Electronic music production is huge, just with music in general today, and so a lot of kids want to learn how to create their own stuff,” Weycker says. “We get kids who come in, not just in the studio, but they want to learn how to be a singer-songwriter, so they take guitar and vocal lessons because they want to learn how to write their own stuff, so we definitely cater to whatever a student is looking to accomplish.” 

Many of the teachers at Bach to Rock Mamaroneck are professional, working musicians who play gigs with their bands all over the New York City area. “A lot of them actually are releasing music all the time,” Weycker says. “I think it’s really cool for students to learn from a person who is actually out there doing music, not just teaching it.”

Bach to Rock Mamaroneck also hosts birthday parties and offers an early childhood one as well as rock band or karaoke birthday parties for older kids (ages 7 and older), during which guests get to record a CD in Bach to Rock Mamaroneck’s studio and then get to take a CD home at the end of the party.

Last year Bach to Rock launched a parent portal called, which shares with parents the level-based curriculum their children are learning as well as teacher notes, homework assignments, and a breakdown of the concepts the student is learning at that particular level of curriculum. “There’s even like a pie chart that shows where their progression is, just to make sure that each student is getting a well-balanced music education,” Weycker says. “This allows them [parents] to really get involved and know what’s going on in their [child’s] lessons.”

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Main image: Bach to Rock Mamaroneck offers rock band group classes as well as rock band or karaoke birthday parties.
Courtesy Bach to Rock Mamaroneck