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  • Expert Babywearing Tips In Celebration Of International Babywearing Week

    To Celebrate International Babywearing Week from October 1-7, we chatted with a trained babywearing expert about the benefits and things to remember!

    By New York Family

    two moms holding babies in carriers

    October 1-7 is International Babywearing Week! A lot of moms and dads are opting to carry their baby these days and it’s vital to understand all of the safety rules and instructions prior to sticking your little one in a sling or carrier. To celebrate this week, and to gain more information on the practice of babywearing, trained expert Kristin Przybylski from LILLEbaby shares valuable insight on the benefits of babywearing as well as things to keep in mind when you are carrying around your baby!

    Benefits of babywearing:

    Easy access for skin-to-skin to encourage and support bonding with newborns

    Hands-free ability for breastfeeding parents

    Able to support baby in the “4th Trimester” without feeling confined or limited to the house

    LILLEbaby includes design elements to add comfort to the wearer (soft fabrics, lumbar support, maximum adjustability) and to the baby (soft fabrics, neck support)

    Things to remember for babywearing:

    Keep baby “visible and kissable” at all times

    Always read the carrier manual to learn how to adjust and use the carrier

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions

    Join fan pages, interact on social media to get updated information, tips and tricks direct from the brand itself

    To learn more about babywearing and to watch some instructional videos, visit

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