Learn More About the Atlas School for Autism

Name of school: Atlas School

Ages: 7-21

Size of student body: 17

Educational approach or philosophy: Atlas School creates an individualized educational program for each of its students. At the core of these programs is a focus on developing students’ social-emotional skills as well as their communication skills. The school’s curriculum, called the Atlas Map, places a strong emphasis on communication with the goal of helping students to become effective, life-long communicators. “Atlas school honors and embraces students’ unique minds, spirits, and voices. Empowered communication and respect for students’ passions and abilities ease them into rich social and emotional relationships and experiences. Self identity, growth, and joyful engagement joins with academic learning and choice driven community integration to aid students in pursuit of their own life goals and happiness,” says Amanda Friedman, director and founder.

What makes the school unique: At the Atlas School, students not only learn traditional school subjects, but they are also learn and are encouraged to find their own happiness and to continuously express themselves. Many different methods are used to teach the students and encourage communication. “What makes Atlas unique is our eccentric and multi-strategic approach integrating modified elements and influences of DIR Floortime™, the SonRise Program™ Natural ABA, and TEACCH balancing data collection, supportive behavioral plans and meaningful, joyful interactions and dynamics,” says Friedman. “Additionally we really understand and embody in every day the importance of sensory integration and constant and customized communication. Happiness and understanding are definitely keys to school and life success!” 


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