A Pampered Pregnancy

with all the walking, climbing subway stairs and navigating narrow shopping
aisles, being pregnant in the city can be stressful. But Manhattan moms-to-be can
unwind in style and comfort at Edamame Spa at Destination Maternity, located on
Madison Avenue and 57th Street. From the minute the elevator doors open, the
spa’s tranquil, Zen-like atmosphere transports guests to a relaxed, stress-free
state of mind.


spa, which launched about six years ago, has become a welcoming respite for
expectant moms during a time when they are often overwhelmed by all the
decision-making and anxiety that can accompany a pregnancy.

really wanted to create a place for women who are pregnant to come and relax,”
says Sue Perez, a licensed esthetician and the spa’s manager. When they arrive,
expectant moms are led into the tranquility room, where the built-in waterfall
makes their short waiting time all the more peaceful. Combined with dimly lit
candles enveloping the room and warm earth tones coloring the walls, it’s easy
to feel relaxed before the pampering even begins.

spa offers an expansive selection of body services for those who are past their
first trimester and can safely indulge in treatments. Services include The Skin
Resonance Facial, specially formulated to keep skin radiant despite the
hormonal changes of pregnancy; the signature Mom-To-Be Massage, customized to
relieve particular areas of stress throughout the body; and an array of other
body treatments and enhancements. One of Perez’s favorites is the Lemon Verbena
Body Polish, which exfoliates and hydrates skin. What’s more, all treatments
are tailored to each expectant mom.

health and safety are of utmost concern for pregnant women, all of the
treatments provided at Edamame Spa are performed with certified organic
products that contain no artificial dyes, carbons, sulfates or other chemical
pesticides, Perez notes. Formulated with plant products harvested from
uncontaminated soil, each product is beautifully fragranced and conditions the
skin back to a gentle, supple state. Products are sourced from companies like
Mama Mio, Naturopathica and Comfort Zone and are also available for purchase.
Of course, women who aren’t pregnant are also welcome, and can enjoy everything
from deep tissue facials and aroma therapeutic massages to anti-aging
treatments and body waxing. The spa also hosts parties and baby showers and
offers discount packages and gift cards.

it’s a one-time visit or a regular ritual, the spa’s philosophy is that
moms-to-be deserve to kick up their feet and feel like a queen every once in a
while. With adjustable, heated beds draped with 400-thread count sheets and a
staff committed to client satisfaction, that’s easy to do at Edamame Spa.
What’s more, Destination Maternity even offers a lounge area where other family
members can hang out and enjoy TV’s, computers and toys.

is the goal at Edamame Spa, which caters to expectant moms trying to juggle it
all. “Women living in New York—we
work full-time, we have families, our lifestyle is hectic,” says Perez. “Going
to a spa is something you do to feel better.”

Edamame Spa (located
inside Destination Maternity),
28 East 57th Street at Madison Avenue, 212-588-1990, edamamespa.com.