A Mom’s Wish for Her Child’s Camp Experience 

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A Mom’s Wish for Her Child’s Camp Experience

When my first daughter was born eight years ago, like many moms, I started picturing all the milestones she would reach in her life. While some moms dream of their child’s first day of preschool or their wedding day, the most anticipated milestone for me has been the day she would go off to overnight camp for the first time and find her summer home. 

Overnight camp was the best thing that ever happened to me and for 12 amazing summers, I spent eight weeks away from my parents as a camper and a counselor. For the past 10 years, I’ve also had my dream job working with over 400 summer camps. Now it has come time for my daughter to have this unique opportunity. I know her time at camp will differ from mine and I want her to create her own camp experience, however, I do offer her these words for her years at camp and for the rest of her life. 

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  • May you always get butterflies in your tummy as you arrive at camp on the first day 
  • It’s ok for you to feel a bit uneasy on those first few days of camp but this will just make you realize that you can get through hard days 
  • You will learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before 
  • Allow your heart and mind to be open to all the new people you are about to meet 
  • Know that it’s ok to miss home while still having fun at camp
  • May just the word CAMP always make you feel happy
  • You will gain confidence in your ability to make your own decisions 
  • You will learn to make your bed and I do hope you continue at home
  • May you belt out your camp’s alma mater song and feel the pride in your camp from your first summer to singing it in the shower 20 years later 
  • You will find role models in your counselors and learn that there are other people that can be there for you besides mom and dad
  • May you try something new and find a passion for it
  • I hope the sound of certain songs will always take you back to your camp days
  • May you discover a true love of nature and have it stay with you forever
  • You will always treasure your camp friends and keep them in a special place in your heart
  • May you learn how to work well with people who are different than you and continue to always
  • May the smell of a campfire always bring you back to your camp days
  • You will sometimes miss home yet you will cry your eyes out on the last day of camp because you won’t want to leave