Workmen’s Circle Midtown School to Move to Manny Cantor Center in the Lower East Side

Since it's founding in 1900 by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, the Workmen's Circle schools—shuln in Yiddish—have provided children and families with a vibrant connection to Jewish culture, Yiddish, and social justice. Now, they are excited to announce that their growing Midtown School, which meets Sundays from 10am-1pm, is moving to a new home in the neighborhood where their roots took hold: the Lower East Side.

The school will continue to offer New Yorkers project-based Jewish education for children, teens, and families. By exploring texts, history, and social justice traditions, students are inspired to become active creators of Jewish culture. Their teachers are experienced educators as well as musicians, performers, Yiddish experts, and activists who convey to students how Judaism can be a joyful, relevant part of their lives.

Programs for children between the ages of 2-4 feature holiday experiences and Yiddish folk music, while older children are encouraged to dive deeper into Jewish tradition. These studies culminate with them sharing bar/bat mitzvah presentations to a welcoming community of family and friends. Teens meet regularly and occasionally go on trips as part of the active teen group and Youth Stand Up For Justice program.

The public is invited join their community for an open house on Sunday, June 23, at the school's new location at the historic Manny Cantor Center, 197 E. Broadway. This event will open with a gathering for adults and children from 10-10:30am with songs, Yiddish games, and introductions. Then parents will meet for an information session with the school director and current parents, while kids participate in a fun, immersive exploration of Lower East Side Jewish history, including dress-up and pickle-making.


Workmen's Circle
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