Theatre Collective for Children Will Perform a Hilarious Version of The Odyssey

Classical Remix Theatre Collective is performing a parody of Homer’s The Odyssey on select dates October 6-10. The Theater is based out of P.S. 264, The Bay Ridge Elementary School for the Arts. The work that they produce services the P.S. 264 school community as well as the Brooklyn community at large.

One of the Brooklyn-made shows is being performed in Manhattan as a part of the The New York International Fringe Festival. Classical Remix Theatre Collective is a part of the FringeJR component, which is the part of the festival for young people and families.

As a collective, they produce three shows a year. One is a 5th grade immersive Shakespeare production, where the students transform the whole school into a Shakespeare play. One show is a classical piece adapted and performed by the adult company for the kids in the Brooklyn community. The final show is an original piece linking ancient Greek themes and struggles to modern day life.

This final show is performed by 4th graders. The show in FringeJR, The Odyssey, is being performed by the adult company, which is made up of educators at P.S. 264 and theatre professionals in the Greater New York Area.

The Odyssey Performance Dates are:

  • Saturday, October 6 @ 2:00pm 
  • Sunday, October 7 @ 1pm
  • Monday, October 8 @ 5:30pm 
  • Tuesday, October 9 @ 7pm 
  • Wednesday, October 10 @ 7pm

Performances take place at HB Studio Theatre 124 Bank Street New York, NY.

For additional information, please feel free to contact Lyndsey McAdams, at [email protected] or by calling 770-377-2025.

Classical Remix Theatre Collective
371 89th Street