A NYC Mom Has Created a Food Tour for Families This Summer

Laura Siciliano-Rosen has lived in Jackson Heights for 11 years, and just launched a family-focused world food tour in the “diverse and delicious” neighborhood she says is ideal for families looking for something different to do this summer. In tour sessions, kids will travel to different countries, sample their cuisines, learn about their cultures, and play games.

“I've run regular group food tours in Jackson Heights for many years now, but this one is specifically designed to engage, educate, and encourage kids, and their parents or caretakers, to enjoy foods from various cultures,” Siciliano-Rosen wrote. She says growing up in Jackson Heights has made her boys adventurous, enthusiastic eaters, and widening kids' horizons is one goal of this tour.

In 90-minute sessions, kids will “travel” to four countries–Nepal, Tibet, Colombia, and India–via their cuisines, taste food, learn about each country, learn a few words in native languages, and play games. They can win prizes, take home information packets, and ease into eating international foods. All the samples on the tour are international spins on kid favorites, so even picky eaters have an incentive to try everything once. 

Siciliano-Rosen hopes this tour will be interesting for families who need something new to do with their kids this summer. Find more details on the tour here

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