How Parents Can Deal with Young Children’s Separation Anxiety: Advice from Camp Directors in Westchester County

When it comes to raising your kids, you want the best advice out there, which is why we turned to the experts.

Will this summer be your little one’s first camp experience? His first time away from home and his family? Prepare for separation anxiety at camp by reading the advice we’ve compiled from some of Westchester County’s experienced camp and summer program directors.


“How should parents deal with young children’s separation anxiety?”


Choose a class your children absolutely love and not something they’re lukewarm about. When the children get so wrapped up in the class, it makes the separation easy.”

– Heather Capelle, Director of Operations for APPLAUSE, Home of Broadway Babies, Rock-n-Roll Babies, Superstars, and Applause, in Mamaroneck


“Based on our experiences, the parents are more anxious than the kids; yet as soon as the parents leave, the children calm down.”

-Lynn Lena, Summer Program Director, The Chapel School in Bronxville


“I recommend that parents of very young children bring them for a visit before camp starts, so together we can take a tour of the day camp. Giving children a visual picture of where they will be going usually allays their fears of a new place.” 

-Jackie Kutner, Director, Concordia Day Camp in Bronxville


“Two weeks prior to the start of camp, we have a “Jump Start,” or pre-registration, so that campers have an opportunity to do a walk-through of a typical day with one of our counselors or coaches.”

-Steve Moynahan, Owner, Soundview Sports in Purchase



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