8 Best Eco-Friendly School Supplies

8 Best Eco-Friendly School Supplies

Eco-Friendly School Supplies!

The new school year is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start grabbing school supplies for your kiddos! With this year being one that many people are looking to start new beginnings, parents are now making the decision to go green. 

While we have been stuck at home over the last year, many of us have seen that the environment needs all the help it can get, and that any small contribution we give can make a difference. Here are some school supplies that will lead you on the right path to having a successful waste-free school year!

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Decomposition Book

This book is based off of the old fashioned composition book but with a green twist. Not only is this book made up of a sewn binding, but it also uses 100 percent post-consumer-waste recycled paper. Michael Rogers wanted this book to be as eco-friendly as possible so they even printed the book in soy ink! These notebooks come in a variety of designs that will appeal to all kids!

Conscience Concepts Cork & Recycled Wheat Straw Retractable Ballpoint Pens

These pens scream eco-friendly! Conscience Concepts pens come in a pack of 20 and are made up of a cork base and wheat straw for the pen tips and clips. Parents will love how great these pens are for the environment and your kids will love all of the unique properties the pens have while they’re in school. Because it is made out of cork, the pens are smooth to the touch and have a nice grip, which makes for easier writing.

Sprout Eco-Friendly Wood Pencils

If you or your family members have a green thumb, then these pencils will be great for you! These pencils are biodegradable, high-quality and EN-71 safety certified which makes them extra safe for both your kids and the environment. What makes these pencils different from others is that they are the only original and patented seed pencils in the world. Once your pencil is too small for you to use, just plant it and watch it grow into beautiful flowers, fresh vegetables or fragrant herbs.

Onyx and Green 24 Pack of Recycled Colored Pencils

Kids will love doodling and creating with these colored pencils! Onyx and Green is known for making high-quality eco-friendly supplies that are perfect for back to school! These colored pencils have an assortment of 24 different colors and are made out of recycled newspapers. Kids will be able to read a faint story from years prior while creating their colorful stories on paper!

Blue Q Pencil Cases

Keep your school supplies organized this year with these stylish pencil cases! Blue Q’s pencil cases are made up of post-consumer recycled material and are very easy to clean. It is also waterproof which makes it a great pouch to carry around during any school occasion. Aside from it being earth friendly, each case has a beautiful design or drawing that is sure to catch every students eye in the classroom.

Aurora GB Elements Binder

One item that’s on many kids lists are binders, and these ones from Aurora GB are both heavy duty and eco-friendly. Each binder is made of 70 percent post consumer waste content, which is the highest percent in that industry. They are perfect for holding any of your kids’ papers and projects and will be sure to last the entire school year!

EcoRight Reusable Cotton Canvas Insulated Cooler

When packing your kids lunches, it is important to know that their food will stay cold and fresh all day. This lunch bag is big enough to fit all of your kids’ food AND their water bottles too! The outer material is made out of 100 percent canvas cotton and the lining is made of recycled PET bottle material. These bags will keep your kids’ food warm for 4-6 hours and it is machine washable.

Onyx and Green Erasers

Everyone makes writing mistakes which is why it’s important to carry around an eraser with you. The only thing about regular erasers is that they aren’t great for the environment. That is why Onyx and Green’s erasers are made with recycled rubber, which is less harmful. These erasers come in 3 different colors and are wrapped in paper sleeves to make for easy gripping.

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