5 Keys For A Solid Swing For Junior Golfers

Photo By Scott Schwartz at Chelsea Piers

If you have ever picked up a club, you know that in order to become a great golfer, it’s all about the technique. Inspired by the Masters, we reached out to the renowned Golf Club at Chelsea Piers to learn how junior golfers can improve their swing so the ball lands on the fairway and not in the bunker.

From Tom Bopp, Golf Academy Manager

1.Proper set up, good grip, posture, and alignment–The set up sets the stage for every other aspect of the swing so this is crucial for being able to make a solid swing.

2. Body and arms in sync–The body moves in unison with the arms. A complete turn of the body working in concert with the arms allows the club to get into the proper positions on the backswing and maintains the fluid nature of a good swing.

3. Good backswing–Club is on the plane going back with a square club face. These are the two most important factors involved in hitting straight shots and achieving “center face contact” or hitting the ball on the center of the club face, and the key to power and accuracy.

4. Good impact position–Hands leading the club head at impact—hitting the ball first, and the ground second with an iron. One of the most common issues with both juniors and adults is hitting the ball “fat” or the club head digging into the ground before coming into contact with the ball. This not only robs your shot of power, but the turf can grab the club and head, and twist it, resulting in a crooked shot. Having your hands “lead” the club or having them in front of the club head at impact will prevent this from happening and also add backspin to your shot.

5. Balanced finish position–Spine supported by the left leg with no pressure on the back. This is a result of a powerful swing where the weight has shifted to the left side properly, and with proper rhythm and tempo. When practicing, make sure to hold your finish to get in the habit of maintaining your balance throughout the swing.

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