2019 Blackboard Award Honoree: The Caedmon School

Photo by Andrew Schwartz

The Caedmon School
Head of School Matthew Stuart
Age 2 – Grade 5
416 East 80th Street

Award: Outstanding School

Describe your school’s core educational philosophy.

The Caedmon School, first and foremost, is a children’s school, and every decision is made through the lens of what is best for a young child. The philosophy and pedagogy of Maria Montessori is also at the core of all thinking at Caedmon. Therefore, every child is known, every child learns as an individual, and every child discovers their passions and a sense of personal agency—they find their voice as a contributing member of their world. The Caedmon community is reflective of the rich diversity of New York City, and our commitment to justice and equity is reflected in our daily life and lessons.

Tell us about a few of the school’s achievements or distinguishing programs.

As a school devoted to the whole child—the mind, as well as the social and emotional health of each person in the community—The Caedmon School employs the Responsive Classroom program, which is a perfect continuation of Montessori’s Grace and Courtesy philosophy for Early Childhood. All Head and Lead teachers in the Early Childhood Program have completed AMS Montessori Certification. The school also infuses healthy Habits of Mind throughout as an important factor of the rich curriculum. The school continues to seek the most engaging and challenging learning, and has created an ongoing learning and peer coaching culture within the adults in the school. Our devoted faculty view themselves as lifelong learners, and professional development resources are a part of every teacher’s salary.

What’s new?

In the 2018-2019 school year, The Caedmon School became Metamorphosis’ Lab Site for independent school math instruction, serving math teachers and coaches around the city. In the summer of 2018, the school’s Science/STEAM Lab went through an extensive renovation, as a new STEAM program was introduced to our Kindergarten and Early Program.

What do you love about your school?

There is a palpable sense of wonder that you experience when you visit the school. I stand on the front steps every day, as often as I can, welcoming the children and their parents to the school. There is incredible joy and laughter as they wave from down the block and run up to the front door. Their love for the school is woven deeply into the community of Caedmon. The parents and the teachers are proud and devoted to their school, and that is the foundation which infuses everything about the school.