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  • The 2018 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

    Check this year’s camp guide for all kinds of advice, from picking your child’s camp to the coolest gifts to send to things camp directors say to keep in mind.

    By New York Family



    Camp Fair Information: Check out everything you need to know about our camp fairs to find the best fit for your child

    Treats: We’ve picked the coolest summer gear sure to make your kid a happy camper

    Last Word: A camp director reflects on the importance of the summer camp experience


    Counting Down To SummerA handy timeline for planning for every aspect of camp–from the search process to drop-off day

    Choosing The Right Camp For Your Child: The ACA’s Camper Placement Specialist, Renee Flax, offers expert insight

    7 Tips For Making Camp Budget Friendly: How to give your child the best summer ever–without breaking the bank

    How To Rock Your Camp Tour: A quick checklist for the important factors you should be looking for on a camp tour

    5 Tips For Choosing A Camp For Your Special Needs Child: Camp professionals weigh in on what parents of kids with special needs should be thinking about during their camp search

    Following The Leadership: A primer on the “soft skills” that kids learn at camp–and why they’re so important

    The Real Deal: What parents really say about how the camp experience changed their child

    Getting Ready For Camp: Camp directors share their advice on how to ensure your child is ready for the best summer ever

    Do Siblings Need To Go To Camp Together?: Camp directors weigh in on whether siblings should stick together at camp

    What’s On-Trend This Season: The latest summer camp trends that you need to know

    Oh Happy (Visiting) Day: 10 top tips for a great visiting day according to camp professionals

    A La Carte Camping: Craft a unique summer experience by choosing from a variety of offerings

    About The American Camp Association, New York & New Jersey: The ACA is a great resource for local parents—they help families discover the best camp for their children, whether it’s a day camp nearby or a sleepaway camp out of state. Visit to use their “Find a Camp” search directory. They also have a camp placement specialist, Renee Flax, who offers one-on-one consultations—contact her at 212-391-5208 or [email protected]

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