2018 Blackboard Award Honoree: Lucas Schildknecht

Heather Slingerland

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Lucas Schildknecht
Grades 1, French
Ecole Internationale de New York

Tell us about some of the special joys and challenges you’ve experienced as
a teacher.

One experience I will remember for a long time is the trip to China that I had the chance to chaperone last year with my 5th grade class. The educational trips are always special moments because they represent a lot of discovery and cheerfulness, but they also present us with an important challenge. I only remember very positive moments and one year later, I still run into students and parents who talk to me about it.

Please share a special project or achievement that you are particularly proud of from this year.

We’ve done a lot of projects in all subject areas in my class and at the school level (Publishing Party, Francophonie, Science Fair, theater, plantation, coding, robotics, concert, correspondence, etc.), but what makes me the most proud is teaching the 1st grade how to read. It’s always amazing when students are able to read their first book. When they read a book alone in front of the class, they are so proud and there are a lot of emotions flowing through the class during these moments. This reminds me why I chose this job.

Lucas Schildknecht with publisher of New York Family John Hurley. Photo by Daniel S. Burnstein.

What keeps you motivated and committed to being a dedicated and hard-working educator?

Two things motivate me every day: The progress of the students seems a little cliché, but in 1st Grade, the learning goes so fast that in two weeks everything changes. When you see the difference between a student’s skills in September and June it is simply amazing. What motivates me is to see their desire to learn new things. Students take pleasure in learning what is being taught and they are communicative about their feelings and progress.

What do you love about your school?

The freedom we have to create the projects we want. All the projects I proposed were accepted. We are also fortunate to have small numbers of students, which allows us to take into consideration the needs of each student.