2017 Blackboard Award Honoree: Dennis Rosario

Dennis Rosario; photo by Andrew Schwartz

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Dennis Rosario
Grade 8, Science & Living Environment
John Ericsson Middle School 126 – Magnet School for Environmental Engineering

Some of the special joys I’ve experienced as a teacher are:

  • Awakening the potential in a student who lacks confidence altogether.
  • Granting my scholars the opportunity to understand the importance of being diligent.
  • Incorporating an attitude of buoyant optimism.

Some of the challenges that I’ve received:

  • Prioritizing all of the different projects I have decided to undertake.
  • Learning to say no and adding more to my overwhelming schedule.

Two projects that I’m particularly proud of from this year are:

  • International Science Club (ISC): My young aerospace engineers will have the opportunity to partake in a summer space program up in Montreal, Quebec, to display their interior designing models for their Mission
    to Mars project.
  • Greenpoint Eco-Schools Programme. My young ecologists are putting together a school garden to provide an outdoor learning space, and allowing biodiversity to increase in our surrounding neighborhoods.
Kristen Pozzuoli (DK Publishing), Dennis Rosario, and Jonathan Moore (Family Media) at the 2017 Blackboard Awards. Photo by Daniel S. Burnstein

Over the course of my career, some of my greatest accomplishments were:

  • Voted Teacher of the Year (Keynote speaker) 2016: The graduating class of 2015-2016 voted me as their favorite teacher, and I was asked to be the keynote speaker at their graduation. It was truly a pleasure to take on this role.
  • SeaPerch National Competition: My
    young naval engineers had the opportunity to attend the SeaPerch National Competition in Massachusetts. During the course of 10 weeks, my naval engineers built underwater robots, constructed control panels, and designed blueprints for said remotely operated vehicles.

What drives me?

My desire to inspire my scholars is the sole intent of what seems to drive me. Whilst reflecting, I always pose this question: “Am I the best version of myself?” The aforementioned keeps me motivated and committed to being a dedicated and hard-working educator. One of the most important factors that keeps me motivated and dedicated is my goal of perfect attendance. I have had perfect attendance for the past three years, because I feel it is my duty to be there as their role model. Many male students don’t have a positive male role model in their lives, so I want to be that one individual that grants them hope and fortune. I will continue to keep my attendance perfect to show them that they are my number one priority.