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  • 2016-2017 Blackboard Award Honoree: St. Ann, The Personal School

    St. Ann, The Personal School, Principal: Hope Mueller

    By New York Family

    Photo by Daniel S. Burnstein

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    St. Ann, The Personal School
    Principal: Hope Mueller
    314 East 110th Street
    Award: Outstanding School

    Describe your school’s core educational philosophy.

    We call ourselves The Personal School because we know every student individually, and we give each child the type of instruction they need to fulfill their potential both academically and spiritually. We believe that God calls each child by name regardless of their individual differences. We welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds. Our Catholic identity is at the core of our mission to help each child fulfill his or her potential, because every child has a special purpose in the eyes of God.

    Tell us about a few of the school’s achievements or distinguishing programs.

    We are particularly proud of the fact that we can guarantee that every child at St. Ann will receive a personalized education. Blended Learning is at the core of St. Ann’s commitment to personal education.


    Photo by Andrew Schwartz

    What’s new?

    One of the most historic moments for St. Ann was when [myself] and six of our students had the momentous honor of meeting Pope Francis during his visit to NYC in September 2015. The students described Pope Francis as exuding a sense of calm and peace as he walked into the room, instantly dispelling everyone’s nerves. His love for the children was truly palpable!

    What do you love about your school?

    I have the privilege of serving this community and they welcome me with open arms on a daily basis—literally! I like to stand out front of the school each day to greet the children as they arrive and more often than not they forego my handshake to give me a hug! Parents and passersby too!
    That is what this school has become—a joyful place where children and adults alike want to be.

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