The 10 Best Journals for Teens or Young Adults

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The 10 Best Journals for Teens or Young Adults

Whether you’re an adult or entering the teens, we all have busy days and stressful lives. It’s important to remember that it’s good to take breaks and reflect on our experiences. Journals are a great way to get in tune with yourself and your mental health.

Depending on what journal you use, they can help guide you through your thoughts, providing prompts and ideas to open yourself up to the page and in the end, yourself. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Journals for Teens or Young Adults to help you stay on track and maintain good mental health!

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Good Days Start With Gratitude


This journal will help you develop good habits and a positive mindset. With its 52-week guide through gratitude, it will help you see the good things in life and train your brain to focus on your blessings instead of harping on the hardships. Each weekly spread includes an inspirational quote, space to write three things that you are thankful for each day and a weekly checkpoint. This journal will help you see the good things in life that we usually don’t even think about like waking up on time or the smell of rain.

Burn After Writing


This book is a reflection of your past, present and future. It gives you prompts for each of these stages in your life and allows you to truly get in tune with yourself. With this journal, you can experience great memories all over again by writing about them or finally find peace in a moment you’ve always tried to forget.  Be honest with yourself, write the truth on the pages, and once you’re done, you can keep it, toss it, hide it or as the title suggests, burn it.

Start Where You Are


This interactive journal is meant to help you nurture and develop your creativity, self-motivation and mindfulness. This journal has beautiful and vibrant hand-lettering and images with prompts and inspirational quotes. It pushes you to reflect through different modes of communication such as writing, drawing, chart-making and more. Take the time to get to know yourself and find a positive change in your life!

True You


Just like the title, this thought-provoking journal will help you find the True You. It includes writing prompts and creative exercises that will help you reflect on your identity and emotions. It’ll help you examine your relationships, define your values and find your passions and dreams. There are 15 different themed sections in this journal, each filled with inspirational quotes and insightful prompts. This journal is meant to challenge you and help you leave limiting beliefs and bad habits behind. Find a fresh view of your life and what brings you joy with this True You Self-Discovery Journal!

Let’s Talk


Journals are often off-putting to people who find it challenging to think up what to write on a blank page. This journal helps you through your own reflective journey with prompts to get you started. The author created this book with a text message layout for those who feel like they don’t really have anyone to talk to or find it hard to talk to anyone else about what’s going on in their lives. This journal will challenge you to put your honest self and thoughts on the page and it’s a great way to manage mental health.

Becoming Me


This is a beautifully illustrated and colored book with insightful prompts, To-Do Lists and activities that will get you to color, doodle, and write. You do all this to improve yourself and eventually find the best version of yourself! It has inspirational quotes and positive affirmations that will bring a life-changing perspective to your days. If you’re creative and identify it as a part of who you are, this is the perfect journal for your journey through self-expression!

Big Life Journal


Teens and young adults don’t always have it easy. This is a really important but stressful time in life and the Big Life Journal can help you navigate through your thoughts, feelings and the pressures around you. This journal will help you develop a growth mindset which is when individuals believe that they can achieve anything through hard work and input from others. This interactive journal with prompts and positive self-talk will help you find confidence, set new goals and learn to overcome challenges.

The Five Minute Journal


Make the most out of five minutes with this journal. It provides a weekly challenge, morning gratitude, daily affirmation, inspiring quotes, daily highlights and an end-of-day reflection. This is the tiny break that you need in your life to make sure that you begin and end each day on a positive note. Add it to your morning and night routine, filling out the prompts and questions that will help with your self-reflection. You can also get this journal in all kinds of different colors that match who you are or start collecting!

Self-Love Journal


This journal is the first step to feeling happier and more confident in yourself. The daily activities, prompts and strategies will guide you through self-reflection. Self-Love is a science-based journal designed to give you the tools to help you get rid of negative thought patterns. When you get this book, it also gives you exclusive access to their private FaceBook group where you’re able to share experiences and tips as well as ask questions! You can record your thoughts for just 10 minutes a day and find that you become a stronger, healthier and more compassionate you.



This 60-day journal focuses on unburdening yourself of anxious thoughts. Overthinking is super common in adults and teens alike but this journal will help you find your inner peace. Take a nice break in your busy day with one of the journal’s many prompts. These prompts are garnered to help you identify where your anxious thoughts lead you whether that be the past or the future. Give yourself a moment to reflect, even if it’s just writing for 10 minutes a day!