Ursuline School Holds Pajama Drive for a Good Cause

Every child has the right to a good night's sleep, yet thousands across the United States will go to sleep missing something. They may feel alone and afraid in a bed that isn't theirs, in a shelter that isn't home or with families who wish they could give them more. Students at The Ursuline School in New Rochelle have teamed up with the Pajama Program to collect more than 700 pairs of pajamas and 100 new books to help these children. The donated items were sent to Cardinal McCloskey Community Services in Valhalla, where they were distributed to local homeless centers on Nov.9. 

The Pajama Program aims to validate the worth of children in homeless shelters by showing them love that can transform their days and nights with books and pajamas. With access to enchanting stories, their imaginations are open to helping them dream again, while warm pajamas help them shed stresses of the day. 

According to the Pajama Program, “these unconditional gifts fill them with love and a feeling of being cared for, transitioning them to bedtime and delivering a good night—preparing them for a good day that leads to a better life.” 

The Ursuline School has contributed to the total 3,494,038 pajamas and 2,74,023 books that have been gifted to children in need since they were founded in 2001. This is the second year that students of the Ursuline School have teamed up with an organization to help outfit children in homeless shelters. They even hosted a “pajama program pep rally” to celebrate the donations.

On Facebook, the school posted “the efforts of this outstanding organization will assist to make bedtime a little more special for children who are displaced.” For ways that you can donate, volunteer, or start your own drive, visit the Pajama Program website.