The Best Vacation Ever!

[Editor’s Note: When planning a Disney vacation, it helps to know what rides and attractions kids really like. We asked 6-year-old Alexander Stein, who visited Disney World last spring, to fill us in.]

On our first day in Disney World, we went to The Magic Kingdom. My all-time favorite rides were at this park. Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion were the best rides ever! Splash Mountain had a huge drop down a big hill that got me so wet! I loved it so much, I went twice. The Haunted Mansion was pretty slow, but a lot of fun because of all the ghosts. Some of them even got on the ride with me. Pirates of the Caribbean (also in The Magic Kingdom) made me feel like I was on a boat with pirates around me. There was even a little waterfall we went down. The songs the pirates sang made me want to sing along!

The next day, I went to Hollywood Studios. One of the first things we did there was Toy Story Midway Mania. I got to play games while I was on the ride! I also got to wear cool 3D glasses.

At Hollywood Studios I got to see the Indiana Jones Stunt Show! I sat in the front row and watched the whole show full of shooting, fires and pretend fighting.

Star Tours was great because the seats moved while I was watching the movie screen. I felt like I had a crazy spaceship driver taking me through space. I thought I was going to fall out of the spaceship!

When I got to Animal Kingdom, I went on the greatest safari. I felt like I was in Africa (but I knew I was really in Florida). All the animals were alive and were so close to the Jeep!

The show in the Tree of Life was really cool. It’s called “It’s Tough to Be a Bug.” During the 3D show, I got sprayed with pretend bug spray (it was just water). Then a stinkbug came out and made the whole room smelly. At the end of the show it felt like bugs were crawling under my seat and a pretend bee stung me!

The water ride at Animal Kingdom, Grand River Rapids, was fun because Daddy got so wet!

The best ride at Epcot Center was Test Track. I felt like a real race car driver.

Seas with Nemo was great too because I got to ride in a clam and watch Nemo try to find his friends and family.

The Grand Floridian Hotel was the best hotel to stay at because I could see the fireworks from Magic Kingdom right outside our room. When I got back from the parks, I was always excited to see what the housekeepers made out of my towels. The cutest one was the clown they made for me! The hotel had a great arcade with lots of exciting games and two big pools to go swimming in.

Dinner at Chef Mickey was really special because Mickey, Pluto, Minnie, Donald and Goofy all came over to my table while I was eating. I got their autographs and got to take pictures with all of them! The food was really yummy. At the end, I got to make my own sundae and choose all my toppings.

Our tour guide Irvine was the best! He went on so many rides with me. He became a great friend. He even told me about the secret Mickey Mouse shapes hidden throughout the park.

This was my first time at Disney World and I loved it so much! It was great because there was no staying home, just going on rides and having fun. I can’t wait to go back. This was the best vacation ever in the best place ever.