Smartphones, Smart Parents

Regardless of which smartphone you call your own (iPhone, Blackberry, Droid…) there are hundreds of applications made specifically for families—apps that enable parents to track pregnancy milestones, soothe a fussy baby with songs and games, help their toddler learn the alphabet with interactive touch screen puzzles, and more. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites, many of which are compatible on different devices, and some of which are free! Visit your phone server online for downloading information, as well as price and availability updates.


IKidNY—Navigating the city is easy with this application created by a New York City mom. iKidNY’s easy-to-use, GPS-based program helps parents find the closest playgrounds, outdoor and indoor activities, changing tables, subway elevators and kid-friendly restaurants in seconds.

CrossWalk—This app makes finding cross streets a snap; just punch in the address and the cross street will appear in seconds. Also includes an interactive MTA subway map for stress-free commuting.

NYCWay—A comprehensive app for New Yorkers, NYCWay features 50 different New York-centric apps in one. It can help you pick a restaurant, peruse art galleries, find an apartment, and locate the nearest coffee shop or movie theater. The app also features live traffic cameras, NYPD’s Most Wanted mug shots, and much more.

Blueleo—The BlueleoGuide offers families 6,000 resources in 15 essential, parent-specific categories like after-school programs, baby and kid stores, kid-friendly restaurants, public and private schools, tutors and more. Parents can also log on to Blueleo’s website to read reviews and share ideas.

Menu Pages—Offers extensive listings of nearby restaurants (complete with hours, prices and payment methods) and also displays eateries’ complete menus to help you make the right selection.


Sit or Squat—Type in
an address and this app will locate the nearest restroom, anywhere in
the world! Users rate each bathroom based on cleanliness so you’ll know
whether to sit or squat.

iPregnancy—Created by
an OB/GYN, iPregnancy offers guidance to expectant moms and dads
through every stage of pregnancy. The application can also calculate
your approximate due date, keep track of questions for your doctor, and
easily export the baby’s photos to family and friends.

Woomby—Ease a
crying baby with one click. Woomby detects when your child cries, and
it plays music, videos and light shows to calm and pacify.

Dental Expert—Created by
a popular NYC cosmetic dentist, this wideranging dental health app
includes charts that show the eruption of baby teeth and development of
adult teeth, information about dental care during pregnancy and
solutions to the most common dental problems, like sensitivity and gum

Baby Brain—Keeping track
of your newborn baby’s progress can be overwhelming. This app helps
simplify the process by logging feedings, nap times, your nursing
schedule, diaper changes and more. You can even email the report to your
spouse, pediatrician or nanny.


iTot Toddler Flashcards—These digital
flash cards help your child learn basic words, like the names of
animals, foods, and household items as well as master the alphabet and
numbers. You can teach them French and Spanish words, too. Tres bien!

8 Planets—Preschool and
elementary grade students learn all about the solar system with this
out-of-this-world app. While kids memorize the names of planets and
absorb fun facts, parents can keep track of their progress with the 8
Planets report card.

Super Match Madness—Improve your
child’s memory with this animal match game that tests listening skills.
The animals make different sounds that attract and keep your child’s

Wheels On The Bus—Songs with
pianos, cellos and kazoos set the background music of this app, which
introduces kids to language and song. Kids can make the wipers move,
open the bus door and honk the horn; you can also choose to hear the
song sung in English, Spanish, French, Italian and even gibberish!

Magic Rocks—Inspired by the Magic Rocks instant grow kit (which has been around for more than 50 years, and is still available at stores nationwide!)  the newly released Magic Rocks Iphone application allows kids to take their phone’s actually photos and “immerse” them under water by adding colorful fish, coral and other sea life! This app is enhanced with special technology to make every underwater adventure lifelike, from custom imagery to a rock growing engine and simulation speed controls. Kids ( and adults) will love harnessing their creativity in this one-of-a-kind app!


How To Cook Everything—A five-pound
cookbook at your fingertips! Written by New York Times columnist and
best-selling chef Mark Bittman, this simple and accessible approach to
cooking contains 2,000 simple recipes that your whole family will enjoy.
Perks include built-in timers for recipes, customizable shopping lists
and meal-planning ideas.

Red Laser—The ultimate
accessory for savvy shoppers, this app lets users scan in a product’s
bar code and shows a list of online shopping results to compare prices.
Skip the long lines and save tons with this family favorite!

Mint—No need
to remember all your spending habits with this personal finance
application, which allows users to add in transactions while shopping in
stores, provides budget info, and shows where money has been spent
throughout the month.

Intuition—Known as
Mom’s Personal Assistant, this application will help busy moms simplify
their life! Capture to-do’s, groceries, tasks, and wish lists easily,
keep in touch with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or email,
and save money with the best deals and offers near you.

Silent Bodyguard—While we
hope you’ll never actually have to use this application, it’s a
necessity for staying safe in the city. If you find yourself in danger, a
few discreet taps on this app will send a silent alarm indicating that
you need help, as well as your current location, to your emergency
contacts by text message and email every sixty seconds.

—Noelia de la Cruz, Teresa Tobat, Ashley Troost