Friends Academy Introduces Hands-On STEM Class to Fifth Graders

A team of Science, Math and Technology teachers are introducing Scratch coding to Friends Academy fifth graders through an educational program developed by NASA. Based on the premise of recreating their own Mars Rovers, the students at the Locust Valley private school work in pairs to design and animate their robots to move across Mars.

The students work to create obstacles such as volcanoes or rocks and time them so that they are simulating a charge from solar panels and can determine if they run out of power before a dust storm arrives.

This class gives students an opportunity to learn about topics previously learned in the fifth grade Friends Academy curriculum, including the X and Y axes, technology skills, and environmental sustainability, in engaging, hands-on ways. 

This class takes place weekly. For more information on the coeducational college preparatory school, visit the Friends Academy website.

Friends Academy
270 Duck Pond Road