The Best of the Rest of the Web: Nature’s Finest Playground, Marriage Crushes, and Exhaustion Treatment

From our September 2012 issue, a selection of thought-provoking, laugh-inducing, and just plain interesting facts and quotes from the web and the world of parenting.


“I’m married—going on 21 years in fact—but have a crush on my cute, younger-than-me-still-has-hair allergist. And yes, my husband knows.…I just like…knowing that going for my regular allergy shots can often put an extra skip in my step. It should also be noted that Dr. S is married—14 years in fact. We talk about our kids. We talk about our lives. We banter. We joke. He puts a huge needle in my arm. I leave. It’s innocent. It’s harmless. (Though I’ll admit I never go to his office without makeup.)” —Jeanne Muchnick (@dinner4moms), a Larchmont-based mom of two, in a so-relatable and popular blog post on @HuffPo50 called “Should Married People Have Crushes?”; she’s written plenty about healthy eating on, and also blogs at

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“It was too cold to put suits on and go into the water [but Jack and Zoe] dug their knees into the sand, danced in the wind and laughed together, because that’s just what happens on the beach. It’s nature’s finest playground.” —Jessica Shyba, self-described “mother, dental school widow, fashionista, suburban transplant adapting to life in Manhattan and loving it” at
My HMO denied exhaustion-treatment coverage, because apparently it’s been a ‘pre-existing condition’ since I gave birth.” —from a blog post entitled “Top 9 Responses from Moms to Celebrity ‘Exhaustion’” by mom-of-four Joslyn Grey (@starkravingmadM) on
  • Each day in the U.S. 3,800 youth under 18 smoke their first cigarette.