Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School Meal Packing Event Packs Over 300,000 Meals for Food Pantries and Haiti

From April 15 to April 17, Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School (LuHi) hosted its eighth annual Meal Packing Event. Over the course of the three days, students faculty, and staff, along with the help of local schools, community groups, and our association congregations, packed an astounding 306,922 meals for Long Island Food Pantries and the Andrew Grene School in Haiti. This marks LuHi’s eight-year, totaling 2,508,512 meals packaged for families with food insecurity.

To raise money for this event, students hosted an “Eat Simply Luncheon” where they donated lunch money and ate the simple lunch meal packed at the event. They also spearheaded a Polar Bear Run, as well as holding candy and T-Shirt sales to help raise funds.

In total, LuHi has raised over $72,000 with the assistance of contributions from businesses and families including The Hallock Family, Tom and Dell-Ann Benson, Friends of the Bid-for-Kids Auction, Henry Schein, the Stanley and Marion Bergman Charitable Fund, and SLA Manhasset.

We invite the community to join us next spring and be part of the 2019 LuHi Meal Packing Event! For further information contact [email protected].

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