Your Awesome New York Kids Weekend: November 11-13

Your Awesome New York Kids Weekend: November 11-13
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Your Awesome New York Kids Weekend: November 11-13

It’s time for another awesome weekend! Celebrate with Veterans Day with a parade or at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, go behind the scenes at the Central Park Zoo or celebrate Native American culture.

Watch the 103rd Annual Veterans Day Parade

Fifth Avenue | Details

Representing every branch of the military, America’s veterans will march up Fifth Avenue in the annual Veterans Day parade. Honor America’s veterans by attending this historic parade. 

Learn About Forests at TILT Kids Day

French Institute Alliance Française | Details

Kids can learn about the enchanting world of forests with the French Institute Alliance Francaise’s fall TILT Kids Day! Drop in for a day of fun activities, like a Drag Queen Story Hour, arts and crafts, music workshops and a film screening. Learn about the beauty and importance of forests. 

Go Behind the Scenes at the Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo | Details

Here’s the perfect event for young animal lovers! Kids in 4th through 8th grade can take part in this event at the Central Park Zoo. They’ll get the chance to meet zookeepers, see the animals up close and learn about what it takes to care for the animals. Advanced registration is required for this event. 

Take a Magical Forest Fairy Walk

Franc Preserve; Bethel, CT | Details

Join fairy and woodland creature friends in the Franc Preserve as they celebrate the return of winter! Attendees will help build fairy houses to keep creatures warm as the winter season sets in. 

Take a Fall Hike


We have rounded up the best sites for hiking and viewing the foliage this fall before we move into winter. Whether you are looking for a hike for your kids on the South Mountain Fairy Trail or a morning trip away from the city at Bear Mountain, we have you covered!

Visit the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Children’s Museum of Manhattan | Details

Commemorate Veterans Day with special programming at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. Use mixed media materials to create yellow ribbons and bows in solidarity with our troops, sculpt a memorial inspired by Maya Lin (the designer of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington, D.C.) and create special cards. 

Learn About Strong Structures

The Skyscraper Museum | Details

If your kids have ever asked how the skyscrapers in the city get so tall, this is the event for you and your family! Head to the Skyscraper Museum to learn about how architects design beautiful buildings that are created to weather the elements in New York City. 

Join a Friendsgiving Celebration

Haverstraw King’s Daughters Public Library, Village Branch | Details

Have a Charlie Brown-style Thanksgiving celebration! Do crafts and watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” while enjoying a Snoopy feast of jellybeans, popcorn, pretzels and toast. 

Experience the Magic of Nutcracker!

Kings Theatre | Details

Christmas season is right around the corner! Get in the spirit of the holiday season with Nutcracker! Magic of Christmas Ballet. Witness this timeless story with larger-than-life puppets, acrobatics and breathtaking costumes. 

Take Part In an Autumn Dance Celebration

Queens County Farm Museum | Details

Celebrate American Indian culture with Queens County Farm Museum. This celebration is a tradition to celebrate and give thanks for a bountiful harvest. Watch traditional dances, enjoy food, jewelry and more. 

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