Where to Watch Fireworks July 4th in NYC

Where to Watch Fireworks July 4th in NYC 2022
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Where to Watch Fireworks July 4th in NYC

Once families are done with their barbecues and visiting the local pool check out a New York favorite summer pastime- the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks! These fireworks light up the city in celebration of our country’s independence.

If you haven’t seen fireworks in NYC before, it is best to figure out your spot. And if it is a park or one of the designated Macy’s areas, the biggest tip we have is to get there early and claim your spot. So pack up a picnic, and make sure there is an adult to watch your place during bathroom breaks.

Psst… Here are the best water playgrounds and sprinkler parks in NYC!

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks

The iconic Macy’s Fireworks are back once again with their 47th annual firework show. This 4th of July celebration includes a multi-color and multi-shape firework display.

Watch as over a thousand shells and effects fly per minute to create this spectacular light show. As the “blockbuster event of the summer”, get ready for a night of electrifying pyrotechnics & feel-good entertainment like no other! 

Best Places to Watch the Macy’s Fireworks
July 4th, 9:25 pm

The fireworks will be launched from the barges along the East River in Manhattan and the show begins 9:25 pm. Along the following viewing areas located on FDR Drive as well as others in Queens and Brooklyn, will be elevated public areas. 

Viewing points are located along FDR Drive in Manhattan with entrance points at E. 42nd Street, E. 34th Street (special need/ ADA accessible entrance) , and E. 23rd Street & FRD Drive.

In Queens, fireworks can be seen Gantry Plaza State Park. In Brooklyn, viewing locations are Transmitter Park, Bushwick Inlet Park, and Marsha P. Johnson State Park. This helpful map of  Macy’s 4th of July  will give you a visual of the barges of the fireworks.

Pier 15

Enjoy a perfect seat where you can watch all of the action of the show! Pier 15 wants to make sure your experience this 4th of July is unforgettable, and that is why they have many activities for families to do. There will also be a DJ playing music all night long.

Domino Park, Brooklyn

This beautiful park has grassy areas facing the East River that are perfect for you and your family to sit and watch the display.

While you’re waiting, your kids can spend some time playing on the playground and water features. There are also some great restaurants you can stop by to get a snack for the show!

Dumbo, Brooklyn

 This location is perfect for people who decide to come to the fireworks last minute or would prefer to not be in a crowded place.

Dumbo has so many little shops and restaurants around the area, which will give your family a lot of fun things to do before and after the display. There are a few buildings that could be blocking your view, but this area is a great overall location!

FDR Four Freedoms State Park 

Head over to Roosevelt Island for a gorgeous view of the fireworks. The only caveat? It is a ticketed event, the ticket registration starts June 28th (today!) so mark your calendars to try and get tickets if you have your heart set for this location.


  • 1,500 tickets are available for FDR Four Freedoms State Park, as determined by NY State Parks.
  • You can register for up to four (4) free tickets per household using your name, address, and email address.
  • There will be no tickets available at the door.
  • Individuals registering multiple times will be eliminated from the system and will not receive tickets.

Coney Island Fireworks 

The 4th of July celebration in Coney Island is another great option for those eagar to experience fireworks this year.

Coney Island is a popular destination within NYC, so what better way to enjoy its fun than to throw in a thrilling firework show! Head over for a show that will light up the skyline. Show begins at 9:30 pm.