The V. Club: Modernizing Women’s Wellness in NYC

The V. Club is an innovative wellness center in NYC aimed at empowering women by helping them overcome the obstacles that often hinder them from living the life they desire. The V. Club supports women as they navigate through motherhood, wellness, and personal relationships by offering classes surrounding these subjects.

The company partners with like-minded, female-centric brands to broaden its class offerings and cover topics such as baby sleep, birth hypnosis, and more. Classes are tight-knit and personal, capped at 16 participants and offered seven days a week at their delightful studio in Chelsea. The V. Club can be thought of as “the SoulCycle of women’s health and wellness,” according to their press release.

Its founder, Courtney Cleman, is an NYC-based relationship expert who envisions the V. Club as an opportunity for women of all ages to bond with each other while learning about love, relationships, and wellness in a welcoming, judgement-free environment.

The V. Club offers unique classes such as:

  1. The V. Mommy Club: A Q&A-based class for expecting moms to receive expert advice on a wide range of topics from prenatal to postnatal care to birth, lactation, and changing dynamics in their relationship. 1.5 hrs; $25.
  2. Ladies Come First 101 & 102: A masterclass class designed to teach women of all ages how to unlock their feminine power and enhance their sexual pleasure by connecting to their body. Women will learn more modern advanced methods and daily wellness practices aside from just Kegels to “keep things tight.” 2 hrs; $79.
  3. The Mature Women’s Guide to Sexual Health and Relationships: This class is geared towards women over 50 seeking information about common physical and sexual changes that come with maturing. 4 hrs; $159.
  4. Men by Design 101 & 102: The male mind is certainly a mystery—and this class seeks to decode it. By learning about how the male mind and body really work, women will learn more about themselves and feel more confident than ever in their love lives. 2 hrs; $79.

Look above for contact info or visit thevclub.com for more information!