Top 7 New York Petting Zoos

A little boy feeding deer through a wire gate, presumably at a New York petting zoo. – Daiga Ellaby

Petting Zoos in New York Kids Will Love

With the city opening back up, activities like visiting New York petting zoos become a reality once more. 

Although we live in an urban setting, there are still many opportunities to explore nature and learn about animals we don’t see every day. Petting zoos are a great way to introduce your children to new animals and allows them to have an experience they won’t forget.

A New York petting zoo can be broken down into two categories: farms and zoos. Farm petting zoos are slices of land that raise animals and you can see and interact with them in a more natural habitat. Zoos on the other hand have sections designated where children can interact with them; it’s a little more urban and controlled. Depending on what kind of experience you and your child want to have, we have broken this list up by farms and zoos so you can easily find the best fit your family! 

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Green Meadows Farm – Brooklyn

Price: $12 per person

Green Meadows Petting Farm made a big leap by moving their business from Queens to Brooklyn. The results, however, were absolutely worth it. Allowing for more visitors and family fun. When you imagine a petting zoo this is the classic example that comes to mind. They are a bit of a wait though, as those services are only coming around in May. But once again, Green Meadows Farm is absolutely worth it.

White Post Farms

Price: $20.95 per person

White Post Farms has always had an element of grandeur that petting zoos tend to lack. This establishment focuses on the childlike thrill that petting zoos are supposed to generate. Come look at their giraffes and ride ponies

The Art Farm NYC

Price: $25 per person

They do camps and they do classes, but when you’re in the mood to just pet some good-natured animals this is a great place to venture to. Though their animals steer more towards lizards and guinea pigs than the classic farm animals, they’re still great candidates for petting. Every weekday from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm they offer this amazing service.

Queens County Farm Museum

Price: Free Entry

Yet another great New York farm, this time steering more firmly into the farm animal category. Though free upon entry, there are some events and activities that will require payment. So be sure to check out their website for what is up and coming.


Bronx Children’s Zoo

Price: +$6 to entrance ticket

If you’re a little too skittish to jump into the deep end of the farm, then try this more urban setting for your New York petting zoo experience. By all accounts, it’s a classic zoo but with the add-on of a children’s section. It’s a couple of extra dollars but in exchange for a wonderful day with your little one.

Central Park Tisch Children’s Zoo

Price: Children $8.95, Adults $13.95, Senior $10.95

In the same vein as the last addition to the list, this is a specific section of the esteemed Central Park Zoo that presents the cutest animals to children so they can interact with them and learn about the animal kingdom. 

Prospect Park Zoo Barn and Garden

Price: Children $6.95, Adult $9.95, Senior $7.95

Prospect Park Zoo can be overlooked when stacked next to its larger siblings — the Bronx Zoo and Central Park Zoo. But this is just a matter of size and notoriety and not because of quality. Alpacas and Pigs at Prospect Park Zoo are just as cute and just as worth visiting for the petting zoo experience.

And that’s the list of New York petting zoos! Each residence their own unique lineup of animals, they are all worth visiting and I hope this helps find the right one for you.