The Perfect Picnic

Picture this: it’s a Sunday afternoon. School is winding down. You’re off from work and there’s not a cloud in the sky. You’ve waited for this. You sat at your desk watching this winter’s snowstorm after snowstorm after…well, you remember. So now here’s your chance! Your pleas for warm weather have been answered! But, in case this winter’s weather has traumatized you and you forget what to do when it’s nice out, we’ve created a list of what you’ll need to plan the perfect picnic. So gather up the kids, load on the sunblock, and get to a park – pronto!

blanket1. The Blanket


This lightweight blanket is water repellant and comes with a padded shoulder strap, making it easier to fold up and carry. Bed Bath And Beyond, $19.99


picnic tote2. The Bag


These bags are very much like Barney the Dinosaur’s bag in that they can hold much more than one would think. It’s lightweight and easy to clean. Pack your entire day into this bag, zip it up, and you’re good to go!, $49.95


3. The Old-School Basket

For those who love tradition and want to keep it simple, this hand-crafted basket would definitely lend to a lovely Sunday meal somewhere quiet. Might we suggest the Harlem Meer? Do a little catch-and-release fishing?, $59.95


tupperware4. A Great Tupperware Set

There’s plenty of tupperware out there, especially if you’re an avid Chinese food eater. But having a solid, well-organized set can be very convenient, especially when portioning out the food for each family member., $75.00


picnic game5. Activities

Reach volley disc is a great game for youngsters just learning how to catch and throw. The velcro will make sure that ball doesn’t go flying away. For the older ones, pick up a frisbee or a racquet ball set., $6.97


First Aid Kit6. First Aid Kit

First Aid kits can easily be overlooked when packing up the rest of the gear, but when something goes wrong, you’ll be glad you have this.  A basic kit like this is usually all you need for a family outing, but if you’re family is accident prone, more heavy duty kits are definitely available., $9.99


picnic recipes7. Picnic Recipes

Not only does this book provide 125 recipes for your picnic feast, it also comes with an introduction full of interesting picnic historical facts, a packing check list, and great tips for preserving the food., prices vary


picnic tent8. Shady Tent

In the open fields of a park, shade can sometimes be scarce. Create your own so the kids have a place to step out of the sun for a moment and cool off. Bonus, less bugs!, $49.99