The Best Water Playgrounds and Sprinkler Parks in New York City for 2021


Explore Water Playgrounds in New York City for 2021

Summer is fast approaching which means pretty soon we will all be trying to beat the heat. Are you looking for a fun and easy way to keep your kids entertained while staying cool? Well, stop by some of the best water playgrounds that New York City has to offer! Kids will have a blast running through the water jets and fountains while parents sit back and soak in the summer sun. Since Covid-19 forced us to stay mostly inside last summer, these sprinkler parks are open and ready to give your family a place to make some amazing memories!

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Manhattan Water Playgrounds

East 110th Street Playground


Located on the north end of Central Park, East 110th Street Playground has a big water play area that has multiple interactive waterspouts to choose from! After the kiddos are done running through the water, they can also spend time on the large wooden climber or the tire swing. The playground also has nearby lawns where families can enjoy a fun picnic together while the kids dry off.

Neighborhood: East Harlem

Ancient Playground


Ancient Playground was built in 1936 and has become one of the most popular outdoor activities for kids! The park has a couple of different water features, and they even have a gentle sprinkler area for younger kids to join in on the watery fun. This playground not only has water features but also has an Egyptian-style playground where your kids can explore different sandboxes and pyramids!

Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Heckscher Playground

65th St Transverse

If your kids are looking to get soaked then Heckscher Playground is the place to go! The water play area is one of the most prominent features of the playground and is sure to be an area that families frequently visit over the summer months. The water area was built on the already existing wading pool and is made up of elevated walkways and sprinklers. This area will definitely keep your kids occupied for a good chunk of time and will help beat the summer heat.

Neighborhood: Central Park

Washington Square Park

5 Ave, Waverly Pl., W. 4 St. and Macdougal St.

Washington Square Park is not only a great place to see some talented artists and musicians, but it is also somewhere you can cool down on a hot summer day. Grab some of your favorite food, take off your shoes, roll up your pants and dip your toes into the park’s famous fountain. This is a relaxing way to enjoy a summer day with the entire family.

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Teardrop Park

65th St Transverse

It is all about innovation at Teardrop Park which allows kids to get their creative juices flowing while making memories with friends and family. Not only does the park have a water area for kids to play in, but it also has slides and sandboxes as well. Teardrop Park also features the “Ice Wall” which is a beautiful piece of art created by Ann Hamilton and Michael Mercil. While the kids are busy playing, parents can sit in the rock seats and read a book or take in the scenic views.

Neighborhood: Battery Park City

The Bosque Fountain

Battery Pl and State St

The Bosque Fountain was one that was made for kids to play in! With multiple water jets shooting up at different times, kids are always guessing as to which jets are going to go off. This fountain also is a great place to relax and take in the rest of beautiful Battery Park.

Neighborhood:The Battery

Brooklyn Water Playgrounds

Splash Pad

LeFrak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park

Lakesides Splash Pad is the go-to destination for water play in Brooklyn! The Splash Pad is designed for children under 12 and has spots for parents and caregivers to watch all of the fun. With over 20 water jets included on the pad, this playground is the perfect place to go when you’re trying to get kids out of the house. Not only is it a great excuse to get outside, but it is also free for kids and their caregivers.

Neighborhood: Park Slope

Domino Park


Domino Park and its iconic fountain is the place to visit when you’re in the Williamsburg area. The park’s fountain is located right in front of the landmark Refinery building and is known as the heart of Domino Park. The fountain itself is even more impressive with eighty-eight individually programmed water jets, which means it can accommodate the whole family. Stay until the sun goes down and watch the fountain illuminate with blue and purple lights!

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2 Uplands

Pier 2

If you’re looking for a fun activity with a great view, then the Pier 2 Uplands is the perfect place to go! While we were all stuck inside last summer due to Covid-19, a new water area was added to Pier 2 that is open all day long. The play area also has pier remnants that were cut away from the construction of Pier 3.

Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

Greenpoint Playground

243 Franklin St

Greenpoint Playground allows for both kids and parents to have fun in the sun! Kids are able to use the sprinkler shower when the sun gets too hot and there are more than enough seating areas for parents to relax while their kids are playing. Once the kids are all dried off, they can also spend their time climbing and exploring the park’s playground.

Neighborhood: Greenpoint

J.J. Byrne Playground

3rd St. & 5th Ave

Go and make some summertime memories with friends and family at the J.J. Byrne Playground! The water playground is made up of cannons, sprinklers, and an old-fashioned water mill, making it a place you can’t help but have fun at. Kids can also spend some time on the playground and enjoy the swings, bridges, and slides. The park also has colonial-themed equipment that will definitely get your kid’s creative juices flowing.

Neighborhood: Between Gowanus and Park Slope

Walt Whitman Park

1402,165 Cadman Plaza E

This relaxing park is named after the famous poet Walt Whitman and is a great place for anyone who wants to have a fun summer afternoon. Start off by taking a stroll along the paved walkway with the family to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Take some time to sit down and have the kids splash around in the water fountain.

Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn

Queens Water Playgrounds

Gantry Plaza State Park

47th Rd. and Center Blvd

The Gantry Plaza State Park is the home of a state-of-the-art splash pad that tends to be a hot spot during the summer months. Kids will have a blast running through and dodging water jets that shoot from all over the pad. The splash pond also has a lifeguard and other workers that will make sure your kids are staying safe and that the pad is sanitized and cleaned regularly.

Neighborhood: Long Island City

Fountain of the Fairs

Grand Central Pkwy., Whitestone Exwy. bet. 111 St. and College Point Blvd., Park Drive E

This summer season is the best time to check out the brand new Mega Splash Pad at the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park! Construction finished on the splash pad in October last year and is already being looked at as one of the best water playgrounds in the neighborhood. The specialized jets create a cool mist that sprays over the entire area, making it the coolest place for families to spend time in.

Neighborhood: Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

A Playground for All Children

11101 Corona Ave

This playground is really perfect for all children because every aspect of the park is accessible for children with and without disabilities. A Playground for All Children is made to accommodate wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers and also provides a space for social, cognitive, sensory, and motor activity. Discover the 12-foot-long suspension bridge and the water wheel area that is shown to keep your kids entertained and cool all day.

Neighborhood: Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

Paul Raimonda Playground

20th Av. between 47th and 48th St

With the Steinway & Sons factory just down the block, the Paul Raimonda Playground has a grand piano-shaped sprinkler that will have kids splashing around for hours. While the kids make memories, the adults can also have some fun with the renovated play equipment and a fitness center.

Neighborhood: Ditmars Steinway

Travers Park

34th Ave. between 77th and 78th St

In this popular park, you will find kids running through the leafy spray showers and water jets. Traverse Park is perfect for kids of all ages since the park is sectioned off by “big kid” and “little kid” sections. This ensures that kids stay safe, while also allowing them to make friends in their age group!

Neighborhood: Jackson Heights

Beach 30th Street Playground

1-09 Beach 30th St
Looking to go to the beach but don’t want to drive a long way to get to one? The Beach 30th Street Playground is a beach-inspired spot that will make you feel like you’re right on the ocean. Explore the blue arches and their ship-inspired play structure that will make your kids feel like they’re tackling a fun journey on the seas!

Neighborhood: Rockaway

Bronx Water Playgrounds

Walter Gladwin Park

175th St. and Arthur Ave

Since the park was renamed after Walter H. Gladwin, the first Black elected government official in the Bronx, this park has been renovated and is the home of a fun-filled water area. Kids will spend hours running across the footbridge as water soaks them from every angle. Families can also take the time to check out the two newly renovated playgrounds at the park!

Neighborhood: Tremont

Fort Independence Playground

Sedgwick Ave. &, W 238th St

For all of our future historians out there, this park site was named after cannonballs discovered on site that was connected to George Washington’s command at the fort during the American Revolution. Kids can spend time roaming around the park while playing on the structures. There is also a water geyser in the park that will make your summer experience even better!

Neighborhood: Van Cortlandt Village

Vidalia Park

E. 180 St. bet. Daly Ave. and, Vyse Ave

Vidalia Park is an all-around great park that has so many activities to choose from. Enjoy playing on the colorful playground, play a couple of pick-up games on the basketball and handball courts, or just take a nice stroll and admire the gorgeous park. When the time comes to cool off, the park’s geyser is a great place to splash around. Families are guaranteed to have a fun-filled day at this park.

Neighborhood: West Farms