Summer Crafts for NYC Kids: Imagine, Learn, and Create!

There’s an abundance of arts & crafts classes, festivals, and events for kids in NYC, so it’s easy to forget about the DIY crafts that you can do at home. Crafts are such an important part of childhood, because they encourage creativity. Kids can imagine, experiment, and design with the paint brush, crayon, or glue in their hand. But the most important aspect of arts & crafts is the way that they spark self-confidence. When kids are proud of what they made, they’re proud of themselves. This feeling of confidence is crucial in child development. Not only are crafts educational and fun for kids, but as a parent, these are the moments that you’ll look back on one day: when you showed your kids how to sponge paint and saw the smile light up on their face when they finished their artwork. You can keep these crafts for years to come. We’re sure you heard of the mainstream crafts, but there are so many unique arts & crafts ideas out there. Each time of the year has its own set of season-inspired crafts, and we love the summer ones! Summer crafts are a great excuse to head outdoors and not worry about the mess inside. And now that school’s out, there’s a lot more free time to get crafty. We compiled a list of the best crafts to do with your kids this summer, involving a variety of different art mediums. Check out our craft ideas, and start your summer of creativity now!

In addition to crafts, summer is also the season of reading. If you’re looking for book suggestions, we’ve got the ultimate guide to summer reading books for kids, from early readers to young adults!