Sponsored: Winston Prep Transitions Supports Young Adults With Learning Challenges

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Winston Prep Transitions Supports Young Adults With Learning Challenges

We know how challenging it can be to find a school that supports your child with special learning needs. And the transition from high school to college can be especially difficult. That’s why, we wanted to share information on Winston Preparatory School, the leading, nationally-recognized, educational institution for students with learning differences.

Due to such high demand from parents across the country, Winston Prep is quickly expanding and today has seven schools, including locations in Chelsea and Midtown (on Madison Ave). The Midtown location is for Winston Prep Transitions, which we’re excited to share with you.  

Transitions is for students ages 17-21 who need some extra time after high school before they go on to college or career. Your young adults will participate in small group work, internship experiences, social-emotional development, and teacher-student 1:1 time. In classic Winston Prep fashion, the Transitions program is highly individualized so that specific readiness needs can be identified and worked towards during your student’s gap year. 

Winston Prep student

So what is Winston Prep all about? Individualized learning is the key to Winston Prep’s success: you can be sure that your child will get the attention they need. We appreciate the Continuous Feedback System, in which teachers develop a learning profile for your children to create an individualized learning plan. “This is a critical step,” explains Scott Bezsylko, Winston Prep’s Executive Director, “because most kids, and most of their parents, come into the school not understanding what makes it so difficult for them to learn. Once students get a clear idea of their particular learning profile, they feel both relieved and empowered.”

But the individualized learning doesn’t stop there, through the Focus Program, students get 45 minutes a day of 1-on-1 time with a teacher. We know how important teacher-parent communication is for kids with learning differences, and through your child’s Focus teacher, you can find out more about their academic and social progress. The results of Winston Prep’s approach really show, because the high school graduation rate at Winston Prep is 99.7% and 79% of Winston Prep graduates enroll in college, versus 33% nationwide.

Curious about how Winston Prep is adapting to education in the age of COVID-19? This fall, they launched their Online Learning Program as a part of its successful Remote Learning Initiative. Remote learning involves interactive classes, project-based learning opportunities, teacher support, flexibility, and much more. We’re impressed by Winston Prep’s ability to maintain their emphasis on individualized learning during these times! 

To learn more about Winston Prep attend an open house, explore Transitions, and learn more online at winstonprep.edu

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