Spend your summer in the sun & on a tennis court at the Cary Leeds Center!


Spend your summer in the sun & on a tennis court at the Cary Leeds Center!

The Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning, located at 1720 Crotona Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457, offers a full range of junior pathway programs and camps for kids ages 5-18. Each program is designed to improve player skills using age-appropriate equipment. All levels are led by a staff professional, dedicated to providing the highest quality of tennis training to ensure player success. Register for The Cary Leeds Center Summer Camp TODAY and spend your days at the world-class facility!

Move, Groove, and Improve.

Campers will have fun, fun, fun! They will spend the day keeping active on court, making new tennis friends, and having a blast! Low compression balls are utilized to accelerate learning and make mastering skill and technique easier. The goal in development level is to teach students how to play tennis. A youth progression pathway that uses low compression balls (red, orange, green and the traditional yellow), proper sized courts, equipment, and modified scoring that enables children to play tennis faster. The program is designed to improve children’s self-confidence and athletic skills while they learn basic tennis technique.

Train like the Pros.

High-performance level training allows players to sharpen skills, improve technique and understand more competitive play strategy. Our high-performance level program is designed to help players develop the necessary skills to be successful, competitive tennis players. Players receive instruction and practice learning effective technical, tactical, and mental skills. The emphasis on physical training is specific to tennis and includes improving footwork, flexibility, agility, and core strength.