Scoop: The International Academy of New York Is on Our Educational Wishlist

International Academy of New York

When you look for the right school for your child, what’s on your wishlist? Many parents hope for these things:

  • Academic study at the highest level
  • The chance to really master a second (or third) language
  • A daily arts curriculum that celebrates individual creativity
  • A wide range of enrichment opportunities
  • Teachers and leadership who care about every student and their families
  • A truly diverse and inclusive school environment
  • A school that doesn’t make decisions based on the bottom line
  • Location, location, location

The International Academy of New York believes that none of these items should take priority over any other on the list. Each is equally as important to helping children grasp the skills and confidence to contribute and thrive in today’s – and tomorrow’s – world.

International Academy of New York

IANY is a non-profit bilingual independent school in New York City, for children ages 2 through 8th Grade. It was founded in 2017 with the idea that that small class sizes create opportunities for meaningful investigation, deep thinking and life-long friendships. They also believe that diverse schools produce students who are culturally astute and intellectually stimulated; and that bilingual education is a necessity in an ever-shrinking world.

IANY is located at 4 East 90th Street, steps from Central Park and world renowned cultural institutions, all of which the school uses as extensions of its classrooms.

LANGUAGE IMMERSION: Starting as young as 2 years old, every student in the school receives 40% of all instruction in their chosen language of either Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. This ratio has proven to be the sweet spot for a student (without prior background in the language) to grasp the target language fully – writing, speaking, reading and performing — by the time they graduate, while still spending 60% of the time mastering the core subjects in English. The target language is taught by native speakers and includes instruction on culture. Research has linked multilingualism to positive advances in executive function and focus, empathy, literacy and academic performance. Students at the International Academy of New York are well rounded, confident and ready for anything.

CODING is also part of the curriculum. IANY is not a technology heavy school, but recognizes coding as another language which can be used for creative purposes. IANY’s coding teaches creative literacy in the digital age.

As part of IANY’s mission to be diverse in every sense of the word, there is an outstanding need-based financial aid package available for children entering Pre-K and older.

To learn more about the International Academy of New York, its Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School admissions, schedule a visit with the admissions team.

The application deadline for early childhood and elementary programs is January 8th 2020. Middle school applications will open up in the fall.

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