PowerMom Day Celebrates Working Mothers

PowerMom Day founder Crystal Black Davis and her son.

Crystal Black Davis, executive vice president and vice president of marketing for Loacker USA, successful businesswoman, and mother-of-one, is familiar with the struggles working moms face. She created PowerMom Day because she noticed a need for a space for other working mothers to honor themselves, each other, and their “unique challenges.” “I find that it’s high time that we celebrate working mothers,” she says. “We [created] a platform to do just that.”

This year’s PowerMom Day begins on May 10 at 10am and includes a panel discussion with influential moms, a series of community table discussions, and an awards ceremony followed by a cocktail and networking hour.

Who’ll be there?

The 2018 PowerMom Day panel will consist of Rachel Blumenthal, Rockets of Awesome founder; Massy Arias, fitness health influencer; Julia Dennison, Parents magazine digital director; and Kate Davis, Fast Company senior editor. Lola Ogunnaike, People TV anchor, will moderate the discussion. In selecting the panelists, Davis looked for “women that we all admire and can aspire to be, who we see are successful in their career but are also moms,” who you can imagine “probably face the same sort of challenges that we face as everyday moms.”

She hopes that the panelists’ experiences will give moms ideas for how they can handle “what happens when the kid’s sick, but you have a meeting that you need to lead.” “These are stories that are universal,” she explains, “but we also like to hear their take on how they dealt with it.” Davis believes that a panel with such diverse experience will not only engage every woman in attendance, but also defy assumptions often made about successful working moms.

What’s the point of PowerMom Day?

Davis hopes that PowerMom Day will give women a sense of accomplishment. “We want moms to be empowered,” she says. “We want moms to share best practices and successes. We want moms to network because we’re businesswomen and working women.” But she’s also concerned with expanding the PowerMom movement beyond the event itself.

She envisions the movement growing beyond the New York metro area. “We hear about interest regarding PowerMom all across the country,” Davis says. “If you reside in Nebraska, if you reside in Las Vegas, it doesn’t matter. We welcome you with open arms.” According to Davis, there are many ways to get involved, from contributing stories and content to hosting your own PowerMom meetups. Moms who are interested in contributing can join the PowerMom network here, and there are opportunities to advertise events in the PowerMom newsletter.

Why do working moms need PowerMom Day?

Davis believes that the PowerMom movement is necessary because the working mom phenomenon is no longer an anomaly. “We’re not in the ’50s, we’re no longer in the Leave It to Beaver days. Especially with the necessity of two-income household with the way our economy is now, it’s prevalent, it’s the norm,” she says. But there still exists a social stigma for moms who choose to do both. “The reality also is that a lot of times working moms are often made to feel guilty about juggling a career and trying to manage a household, and there are people who have been very emphatic in their belief that it cannot be done,” she says. But, Davis emphasizes, “We have women all across the country who say otherwise, who prove otherwise.”

Above all, PowerMom Day is meant to fill a void in the working-mom community. “There’s a need to have this dialogue. There’s a need for women to feel, in a sense, validated,” Davis stresses.

To learn more about the PowerMom movement, visit loackerlove.com/powermomday. PowerMom Day will be on May 10 in Gary’s Loft New York, 28 West 36th Street, at 10am. Tickets are free; you can register here.

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