Party Of The Week: The Scholastic Store

Photo by Daniel S. Burnstein

We love hanging out at the Scholastic Store. With all those books and games, and a regular menu of free classes and activities, just walking into the Scholastic Store itself is a treat for kids. Having a birthday party there is above and beyond. They have a great menu of themes and design the parties so they’re filled with age-appropriate activities and entertainment.

The range of themes varies from Animal Parade (ages 1 to 3), in which kids make puppets, play with musical instruments, and dance to the sounds of lions, tigers, and bears, to Young Wizard (ages 5 and up), in which kids hear magical stories and make wands to keep as they concoct potions and cast bewitching spells.

But really that’s just a taste of the possibilities of a Scholastic Store party. It’s worth a close study of the full menu of their theme parties and activities. And, needless to say, if you have a child who loves Clifford, this is the place.

For more about Scholastic Store parties, visit http://www.scholastic.com/sohostore/parties.htm or call 212 343 6166.