March Musings

A few weeks ago we were happily informed that our publishing group had been selected as Finalists in a variety of categories in the Parenting Media Association’s 2013 Editorial & Design Awards. Once again we were able to congratulate our many writers and creative contributors and can only hope that we will take home some winning Silver or Gold Awards at the upcoming Conference and Awards Dinner in Atlanta this month.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be acknowledged for excellence and for having worked hard. Life is loaded with competitions and competitive spirit and most of it is highly healthy and motivates us to do more than we might if we were able to rest on our laurels and coast with a guarantee.

This competitive spirit is often personified for children in its purest and more innocent form in the wonderful activities they engage in while attending summer camps and programs. Sports, games, hikes, hunts, and other such activities are wonderful vehicles to teach children the techniques of competition and of competing with good cheer, generosity and teamwork.

So many terrific programs abound around our city and within our various communities. This issue presents many of them, as will the issues in the months to come. Summer is a great time to be a kid, at least for most of our children. I remember my own joys of summer and of camp activities, beach going, waiting for the ice cream truck, ball playing and hanging out with my friends as the long daylight hours enabled later group behavior.

For my daughter it was a day camp here in our city and the great pleasure of making new friends, both in other campers and in the wonderful young people who become their counselors. As the years passed it was she who became a counselor and years later she still is a part of that “family” that began 15 years ago.

We’ve started this issue out with an article asking us, “What kind of parent are you? It’s a good question and I don’t think there’s any simple answer, but I’ve certainly been asking myself that question for many years and still do. I think it’s integral for us to give ourselves that evaluation and to examine how our behavior can and will shape the lives of our children. Self-evaluation is mostly positive unless administered too harshly. There’s little doubt that this is the most important job we ever have in our lives with almost no training and modest guidance. Where are the parenting classes that everyone needs and should be given as a matter of importance?

That’s why we do these magazines, to try to bring support and a sense of community to the often-dizzying role of parenting. We can only hope it’s making a difference.

Wishing you all a good month. Thanks for reading.