Beyond their excellent maternity wards, many of the major city hospitals offer classes or seminars in everything from childbirth preparation to infant CPR.

Beth Israel Hospital. 16th Street at First Avenue, 212-420-2000 (General), 212-420-2999 (Classes), 212-420-3895 (Patient Care),

Columbia Presbyterian Hospital/Babies Hospital/Sloane Hospital for Women. 3959 Broadway at 166th Street, 212-305-2500 (General), 212-305-2040 (Parent Ed.),

Lenox Hill Hospital. 100 East 77th Street, 212-434-2000 (General), 212-434-2273 (Parent Education), 212-434-3152 (Babies’ Club),

The Mount Sinai Medical Center. 1176 Fifth Avenue at 98th Street, 212-241-6500 (General), 212-241-7491 (Women’s and Children’s Office), 212-241-6578 (Breastfeeding Warm Line),

New York Presbyterian Hospital at the NY Weill Cornell Center. 525 East 68th Street, 212-746-5454 (General), 212-746-3215 (Parenthood Preparation),

New York University Medical Center. 560 First Avenue at 32nd Street, 212-263-7300 (General), 212-263-7201 (Classes),

Roosevelt Hospital. 1000 Tenth Avenue at 59th Street, 212-523-4000 (General), 212-523-6222 (Classes),

St. Luke’s Hospital. 1111 Amsterdam Avenue at 114th Street, 212-523-4000 (General), 212-523-6222 (Parent/Family Education),

St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center. 170 West 12th Street at Seventh Avenue, 212-604-7000 (General), 212-604-7946 (Maternity Education),

Natural Birthing Centers, The Brooklyn Birthing Center. 2183 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-376-6655,

Women’s Health & Birthing Pavilion. 70 West Burnside Avenue, Bronx, 718-716-2229,

The Birthing Center at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. (Please note: this is an in-hospital birthing center.) 1111 Amsterdam Avenue, 212-523-6222,