• High Five: Happy Birthday Elle Belle

    Our littlest blogger turns 5 and celebrates in style

    By Elle Belle

    Dream: I wake up and it is my 5th birthday. How is this possible? I am a whole hand, an entire high 5-years-old? It seems like I was just a teeny, tiny baby and then a toddler and then a big sister and then a preschooler and now this? I must be dreaming!

    Reality: Today is my 5th birthday. Mommy holds me close and tells me how much she loves me and that she wishes we could freeze time right here. Unexpectedly, I reply that I don’t want to get any bigger. I am totally cool with rocking the big high 5 and suddenly realize that I want to be this size and this happy and this everything forever! I start crying and telling Mommy not to worry because I will always be just like this. We will always love each other this much (to the moon and back infinity times), live in the same house, wear matching outfits and so on and so forth. I hug and hold Mommy tight. And Mommy must feel the same way since she hugs and squeezes me back a little bit tighter than usual.

    It seems like just yesterday I was little Baby Elle Belle and the newest blogger at New York Family Baby. It was when I was only 10 months old but pretty savvy when it came to writing. That’s right, for more than four years, I have been writing you regularly from the perspective of a happy, hilarious, and sometimes harried child, telling you what it’s like growing up in the city during my earliest days.

    From the moment we arrived home, I was not a perfect baby but Mommy always made me feel like one. And I may not be a perfect child but I am pretty close to it. After half a decade, my family is rocking and rolling and enjoying each unique day and always learning from each other.

    For those of you who don’t know me well, I am a lovely little lady who lives in Manhattan with my magnificent mommy, dapper dad, little peanut of a little sister and my four-legged doggie brother (who’s adopted).

    At the ripe age of 5, I have many diverse interests and a big, glowing personality. My parents lovingly call me their force of nature given how much I love life. Whether pretending to be Super Elle saving the day with my sidekick sister and puppy, or singing and dancing along to the music, or quietly “reading” my sister a bedtime story, I am full of love and light. Plus, I know everything now! I can do almost everything by myself and help my little sister, too. I always do my best, love being a big helper and love to create great inventions like bath time dances parties and tumblehugs.

    I also enjoy dancing in the streets and everywhere I go, walking my doggie brother in Central Park, creating masterpieces with Mommy, playing and watching sports with Daddy, reading National Geographic with my little sister, avoiding new foods and exploring NYC with my family and friends while making everyone smile wherever I go. And, most importantly, I sleep with my eyes open so I never miss out on anything!

    Truth be told, I’m not a perfect kid but I really am pretty close. I love life to the fullest from not missing a rock to climb to not missing a beat to each song and dance. I live in the moment! Just like we all should. And I always try to be extra thoughtful (like hugging daddy when my little sister says no daddy!) and am full of smart replies to any question or challenge. I may also be full of emotions, tantalizing thoughts and complementary commentary. So if you want to walk on sunshine and be 5 and thrive, stay tuned with me and see what’s in store because there is always more fun to come!

    Elle Belle is an adorable preschooler who lives in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her magnificent mommy, dapper dad, and new baby sister. She can be reached at [email protected].


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